Friday, December 30, 2005

How Girlie are you Quiz

You Can Hang With the Guys and the Girls

You've struck a good balance between girlie and laid back.
You can keep it casual but when you dress up, you are as girly as the next girl.

Hey I think I've done this right for a change. Thanks Tina.

Everything going well with foot except Mark is getting progressively grumpier with all that he has to do around the house. I sometimes wonder who he thinks does all this stuff normally... the fairies.

OK guys next time I mention that I am thinking of having foot surgery remind me of this Christmas/New Year period or make sure that the children have left home and therefore most of the husband causing stress have left as well. Silly isn't it?

Take care.


  1. Hi Julie, glad to hear the foots going well. Men are such whingers aren't they...LOL Happy New Year!

  2. Very Girlie.


    Happy New Year!


  3. Happy New Year Julie! Glad you survived your op. Hope things continue to improve quickly.

  4. Men really don't appreciate what us women do until they have to do it themselves. Happy New Year!! XX