Monday, December 05, 2005

It's Over

Still really busy at work but just had to let you all know that the party went really really well. Everything turned out perfect on the night and everyone had a ball.

The venue was wonderful, the staff great and food and grog flowed all night. The music was good (Jess burned CDs - Young music and old music) everyone danced and sang badly both young and old.

It was a really magic night and she got some awesome gifts and even though it cost a bomb it meant no cleaning up or work after the party. Once we paid and left that was it.

I was feeling really down on Friday - in the heat - had to drive to NOrth Sydney to get cakes (the cupcake cake on the stand I got over the internet was a BIG hit) took me nearly 3 hours and I was just about dead when I got home. Venue rang me to tell me that there was a party next door on the same night with a band and I thought oh great. When we got down to hotel on Saturday the band next door was setting up and it was really noisy and I did ask would it be possible for them to turn the sound down and the manager said she would ask them because it was loud in our bar but really loud in the bar they were working in. Anyway, to tell you the truth we didnt hear from them again. I dont know why but it all worked out in the end. My speech (which took me a year to write) went really well.

Weigh in on Thursday night was still the same again. No change. I seem to be on a bit of a plateau at the moment but I did not exercise last week so that could explain it. Back to the gym today.

My middle sister was told by her doctor last week that she was at least 10 kilos overweight (I think probably more). Her blood pressure is very high. I have been trying to get her to do something about it for nearly a year now. I love her dearly, and she was saying the other night at the party what she eats and how much walking she does and it does sound as if she is trying to do the right thing but it may be that her metabolism has slowed right down (which I know is not fair) or she is not being entirely honest about what she eats. She asked me the other night whether I thought she was fat and I could only look her in the eye and tell her that I loved her very much and it might be a good idea to lose a little weight. I dont want to hurt her feelings as she is very sensitive (menopausal too) and she would take offence.

I am so glad the 21st party is over. Jess' actual birthday is on Wednesday and she has requested spag bol for dinner (we offered to take her out but she said that we had spent enough money on her already). Mark has got out the bottle of Dom Perignon 1993 vintage champagne and the Tiffany champagne flutes (all given to us be a client) for this special occasion.

Thanks to everyone for kind thoughts. Hopefully I will be able to use my laptop in hospital so I can keep up with everyone. Havent had time to read your blogs lately and once I get over the backlog of work both here and at home I will be back in full swing.
Take care


  1. Oh Julie. I am so glad the planning, and preparation all went off without a hitch. Speech making is hard at any time and I think at a function like this, when it can get quite emotional, that it is harder than normal.

    You have done so well.
    Hope you have a great day and a fantastic week :D

  2. I'm so please that everything went well, and that you got to have a good time yourself.

  3. I'm glad everything went well for the 21st. I know exactly what you mean about your sister. My mum is exactly the same. She has lost a little bit of weight but she think because she stopped using canola and started using olive oil to fry the chicken snitzel in it's OK! It's hard to be honest with them especially when they end up getting so defensive about the whole ordeal. Just keep trying to encourage her like you have been and hopefully she will eventually listen and take it upon herself to actually do something. XX

  4. The party sound wonderful. I'm glad your DD enjoyed it and all your efforts were worthwhile.

  5. sounds like the party was a success
    i have a sister that is very overweight, not that i am not (but im doing something about it) she trys fad diets she even started weight watchers but when i joined with her and started lossing weight she stopped i think she thought i was having a competition with her and said she doesnt want to be pushed and wants to do it in her own time. i see her once a week, hows that pushing, but any ways, i guess we can only be there for them when they need help.
    have a good day

  6. Glad to hear the party went well:)

  7. wow, sounds like a fun party, but 3 hours driving definitely doesn't sound fun.

    It sounds like you handled things well with your sister - very tactful. It's hard when people ask things like that and I think too many people say things are fine because they don't want to offend but really that helps no one.

  8. I'm so glad it went well Julie! And it's great that you enjoyed yourself too - and no cleaning up, what a bonus!

    It's hard to be straight with relatives who have a weight problem, because you don't want to hurt their feelings. My husband's family are all very overweight and I'm very concerned about them - but I can't say anything, and my husband refuses to say anything to them because he thinks they'd never speak to us again! Maybe when we go back to Tassie for New Year they'll be inspired by our example. You can only hope!

    Hope you're having a great week xx

  9. SO pleased that everything went off really well. Makes it so worth while!! You really handled your sisters question with tact - hope that she begins to realise how she will feel losing even a little weight - all you can do is encourage her - good luck:)