Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why Do I Do This?... and How Can I Stop This?

Lying around gives you lots of time to think and ask questions of yourself.

Why do I always wait until I hit rock bottom before I do the push off from the bottom (curtail my excesses), get tired and sink again? Then it all starts again.


Is it all too hard, do I forget how good it feels not to be fat, am I addicted to food - especially the food that is not good for me.

Some conclusions:
1. There is no secret to being slim
2. Start slowly (which is hard because that is when I am the most enthusiastic).
3. Be honest about what I eat.
4. Persevere.
5. Work out the best food plan for me and my lifestyle.
6. Go easy on myself.
7. An exercise plan that combines cardio/resistance is the best for me.
8. I mustn't cut my food intake too severely because my body tends to think that it is starving.
9. Prepare myself - research research research!
10. Don't blame my genes.
11. Dont overdo the exercise.
12. Understand that I will lose a lot at the beginning but the weight loss will even out and plateau.
13. Dont compare myself to others.
14. Dont obsess over what I perceive to be my problem points.
15. Visualise me when I am slimmer, healthier etc etc.
16. Mix up my diet and exercise so that my body doesn't know what is going to happen next.
17. Question why I want to reward bad days/moments with food.
18. Remind myself to STOP and think before proceeding along that pathway.

I know I can do this but I don't know I can maintain this. 2006's goal for me will be maintenance.


  1. Great list!!
    I need to do all those things too:)

  2. Good for you realising these things that you need to do...most of that list applies to me too! It IS hard work doing it AND maintaining it. We all just need to stay strong and keep on going!!!! You can do it Julie..we're all behind you!!!

  3. A great way to start the New Year.