Monday, December 19, 2005

I Hate Crutches

Im home alone today - everyone has gone to work. This should be interesting. The plastic chair is in the shower recess, Jess has made my lunch (vegemite sandwiches)and left all her "Sex in the City" DVDs for me to watch.

The op was very good I think. A bit of pain on Friday (nuked with drugs) and that is all. I have so many bandages on my foot it looks like a rugby ball. In hospital, the physio and I agreed that I failed crutches. I hop instead of gliding. Going up stairs is a real worry but going down isnt too bad. I kind of wish I could have stayed in hospital longer - everything was a bit easier there as the bathroom, bed etc are set up for sick people (although I know Im not really sick). It was just easier.

The surgeon visited me on Saturday morning before I came home. They were able to take the bone for the bone graft from my foot rather than from my hip which meant less pain. Also as well as a general anesthatic I had an ankle block which didnt wear off for over 12 hours and negated a lot of the initial pain.

Im afraid my goldfish is treading water at the moment. Im at the mercy of my family and I dont want to put Mark under anymore stress than he already is under. He cleaned, washed and shopped on the weekend. I know it is good for him to realise what I do, rather than come home and find it all done, but he just gets grumpy which in itself is stressful.

On a brighter note, I got a letter from Weight Watchers last week or the week before letting me know about the new "No Count" system and also I received my copy of the latest mag through the post. Once again this has inspired me to think about going back to WW sometime next month. I am also interested in the e-tools concept. I have been subscribing to the american weight watchers for a while now and am curious about it.

My gym membership is on hold for 6 weeks but hopefully I can get back into it before I go back to work in late January/early February.

I see the Dr on Wednesday to take the stitches out and then hopefully it will only be another 3 or 4 weeks before I am up and about. Have to flex my operated foot continually so that the achilles tendon doesnt shorten otherwise I wont be able to walk when the bandages do eventually come off for good. Mark is taking me to work on Wednesday for the Christmas lunch plus I have to process the pays for the casuals. There are stairs involved so not looking forward to arriving.

Oh well, I'll read a few posts and then attempt to have my shower without killing myself.


  1. I'm glad the operation went well. You'll get used to the crutches. Live up the lap of luxury while you can. It is good for men to realise exactly how much you do around the place. Hopefully he won't ever take you for granted!!! (not saying he ever did or anything - you know what I mean!!). Take it ease and rest up. XX

  2. One thing about it, Julie, each day brings you that much closer to being totally healed.
    Have a Merry Christmas

  3. I hope those crutches aren't still giving you too much grief!! XX