Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas

Doctor's visit went well. He removed stitches from foot that is black and blue and swollen and put steristrips on. No other bandages just a sock now. Mark came with me but we have different memories of what the doctor actually said so I am going to ring this morning and just double check. Dont have to go back to see him until 25th January.

Walking with crutches has not improved a great deal - my hands, shoulders and right leg are quite sore after dr visit due to the amount of distance I had to walk to get there. Mark dropped me off as near as he could and went and parked the car while I waited at a bus stop. Dr has signed a form so that we can apply for a disability parking sticker (god I feel old).

On the way home he stopped and bought a live christmas tree which is still sitting in the loungeroom undecorated as no one has had time to do it. Jess has now finished work for the year so she may have time today or tomorrow - hopefully before people arrive on Sunday.

Apparently plans for us to go to Queensland for a couple of weeks are still steaming ahead. Girlfriend rang yesterday with the suggestion that perhaps we could all go to the Magic Millions (horserace) but I must have sounded doubtful because she rang back 10 mins later and said that after talking to her DH they decided not to bother. I did say that I didnt mind it if they went and took Mark but she said no. I feel like a party pooper but then again if I had my way I would also not be going to Queensland. Tackling strange bathrooms on one leg is not fun.

I am so looking forward to the New Year. Not wishing this year away but hopefully I will be up and while not exactly running, back at the gym and walking Lucy in the wonderful mornings again. Thinking I may somehow be back at WW either next Thursday or the following Thursday (I think I will aim for the second thursday).

While I dont think I have gone overboard in the last week I have not been watching what I eat or tracking either. I find it too hard to constantly have to ask someone else to do things for me. When Mark went grocery shopping the other day asked him to buy me some WW meals as I thought that this would be easier for me. Best intentions aside - he bought me Lean Cuisine all fish meals (no vegies). Thought they were the same. Not to worry - fish is good for me. I have eaten a few choccies lately - Jess is a preschool supervisor and received a lot of choccies from the children and parents - she also has a stronger willpower than me. Friends dropped around with freshy baked scones yesterday - oh I could go on and on but I am stopping here.

Congratulations to dear Jodie - I am so pleased for you and your husband. Keep well and safe.

To everyone else, thank you for the support you have given me in the last couple of months - as I said before I am so looking forward to the new year. I am enthused again.

Merry Christmas and will talk to you next week.

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