Friday, February 17, 2006


Woohoo - another 600gms gone!

After weighing in last week my leader asked me what I had done differently to get the weight loss.

Not being good at answering questions off the cuff I answered I had tracked and drank more water. She didnt sound impressed or convinced and asked me was I going to be able to keep losing. Now both of these facts were true to some extent but afterwards when I was thinking about it I realised they were not completely true.

I had tracked (in a fashion) before and I had also drank water before in the many times (at least three when I had reached goal weight) - maintained for six weeks and then gone my merry way usually back to the bad old habits I had before.

But this time is different - I feel different.

When I followed weight watchers before I got the weekly menus and followed them fairly religously because I felt that the regimentation suited me. Of course, it is really hard to follow them completely. I really wasnt learning anything either.

This time using the e-tools, I am working my own menus out to fit in with my life and my family. I know how many points I have left at any given time each day (it's only a keystroke away) and I am finding it so easy.

An example, by boss gave me a mini Mars bar the other day. I looked it up and it is worth 2.5 points. I decided that I would rather spend that 2.5 points on wine so it is sitting on my bedside table. I will give it to Gareth when he comes home. I feel I am in control (at the moment). I know that this feeling could change at any time but I am no longer worried. I know slip ups or whatever they are called are fleeting and I just have to climb back on the wagon and set off forward again.

On that thought I will sign off.
A week until Mark returns from France in time for our anniversary and yearly visit to Kiama for the rugby 7s.
Just over a week until Gareth returns from Canada.
Jess off to Goulburn tonight to attempt the physical test for the police force.
Me to Tai Chi and hopefully a pump class in the afternoon on Saturday and driving up to the Central Coast to visit Mum on Sunday and buy a new birdcage for the boys (Spike and Rosso Canary).
Hope you all have a good one.


  1. Well done on the loss! Sounds like you have really reached the place where this lifestyle change will work and you WILL reach your goal and you WILL maintain it.
    GO FOR IT!!!!

  2. That was a good loss!! Well done.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Whoot! You are doing really well Julie :-) I sat her nodding my head to this post. You got it! Once you start working it out for yourself, you start to learn and really see how it works. It's such a great feeling hey. I haven't used e-tools (I use my own excel spreadsheet) but I'm so glad to hear that it works and is so useful. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    PS. It was really nice to meet you too! I've had a bit of a crazy week so haven't really kept in touch properly :-/

  4. YAY for the loss this week - good for you !!!!
    You are right - it really is about finding what works for you and sticking with it.
    I need to get back to planning and being organised - that is my mission this week.
    Take care and have a great Sunday !

  5. Congrats on your 600g loss Julie.,..thats terrific!

  6. Whooo hoooo on your loss. That is fantastic. And it is so great to be in control and know that you have the ability to have the choices at any time. It's not about deprivation but balancing your food and your life.

    Well done :D