Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A perfume by any other name would smell the same - not!

Mark rang this morning to let me know he had arrived okay. Sounded so tired. Cant find the perfume I want and tried to get me to agree to another one without having ever smelt it. At least this time he asked - he sometimes just buys it for me - often with dire consequences. Not to worry anyway, I will order it from Singapore. It will work out just as cheap.

After a disasterous but fun weekend I am back and tracking hard to try to get my points down. It is a bit cooler today and I was a bit hungry but instead of getting stuck into the bikky barrel at morning tea I went to my food cupboard (a new idea) and got out a WW bar and had that.

What did you all think of "The Biggest Loser"? Is it my imagination or did those people cry more than their american counterparts? Found it slightly annoying. Anyway, besides that, looking forward to watching tonight again. But aside from all that, what a house!

Have been out and had my hair cut today. Jess helped me streak it last night and I took along photos of the time when I really liked my haircut to the hairdresser and I think she did a fairly good job of replicating it. Really short (Mark will have a fit) but I feel really light and not 110 years old. If anyone was home I'd get them to take a picture.

Increased my weight repetitions yesterday at the gym. And even managed 5 mins on the treadmill although very slowly (5kph). Am thinking of doing a pump class on Saturday afternoon. I looked it up yesterday it is the same instructor who does body balance on Sunday.

Gareth is now in Canada near Banff. He dislocated his shoulder again on his last day in Alaska but put it back himself. I think he is living on nurofen at the moment. Stupid child. I guess he will have to think about a shoulder reconstruction when he gets back or give up snowboarding. He saw a moose when he was in Alaska while he was snowmobiling.

Anyway, off the make dinner and watch biggest loser before I go to folkart.
Hope everyones day was great


  1. Hi Julie, glad to hear you have that exercise and point tracking under control. Bet you feel younger with the new "hairdo" have a good week.

  2. Well done on avoiding the biscuit barrel - good for you.
    Can't wait to see your new hair style - don't forget to get a photo taken when you can.
    HAve a great week and take care !

  3. What is the perfume? I missed the post and am dying to know.

    LOL there was a bit of crying going on. I must admit, I had a good cry too for some of the guys though. I found one person in particular annoying with all her sobbing.

    I missed it last night though.

    My pc is going to be switched off in the next few days for up to a month while I move interstate.

    All the best for the next few weeks or more.

  4. Your hairdo sounds really great. Well done for not dipping into the biscuits. My safe food cupboard is bare at the moment so I have to get to filling it again - it does help in those hungry moments.

    Yep I thought they cried a lot but not more than the US. But we are not used to seeing Aussie guys cry on TV so would be a little strange.