Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Touching Base

Hi, I'm still here. The cave was lovely.

I'm refocussed and recommitted.

My meeting the other night really shook me up which was just what I needed.
Am using e-tools to track both food and exercise and enjoying doing it.
Back at the gym doing very gentle short bursts of exercise and a little little bit of cardio.

Looking forward to catching up with Margaret, Jodie and Linda on Saturday. Must have another look at where we are going so that I can plan my trip.

Thanks to you all for your kind thoughts. I will catch up with everyone asap.

As you can see from my ticker January was not a particularly good month for me but February is going to be great. For the first time Mark is being really supportive. He actually asked me to go out and have dinner but didnt want to disrupt my diet too much. That was the first time ever he has been that considerate about my eating habits. Am going to buy the eating out guide this Thursday.

Have been really busy at work which is really chaotic at the moment due to new office furniture and computers that will not do what I want them to do easily.

We are enjoying a child-free house. It is like being newly married again. Just ourselves to please.

Mark is going to France next Saturday with work but will be back in just under two weeks time for our anniversary which I thought was really sweet.
Jess will be back on Saturday from Bryon and with her permission I have been opening her mail and relaying it to her - she finally passed her medical for the police force and now has to do her physical/fitness, maybe in a couple of weeks time.

I'm not the only one who has to lose weight - Lucy has lost her waist (do dogs have waists?) and has to lose weight too. As soon as my foot is a bit better we are off!

Anyway, this was meant to be short. Take care and once again, will see you Sydney girls on the weekend.


  1. hi julie.
    i m also on a weightloss journey.
    just read ur latest blog.
    maybe we can share tips about fitness

  2. Hi Julie - just caught up with your blog after a busy week. Don't ever feel like a fraud by not being on track. I know from experience that this happens - no matter what!! I think keeping online, airing our thoughts, ups and downs helps get back into focus. You've had a difficult time lately but you haven't given up - that's the main thing.

    Great to hear that you are getting support from home now!
    Thanks for your fantastic support and lovely comments left on my journal - hey and you lucky women all being able to meet up - that would be a ball:)

  3. You are so lucky to be meeting up with the other girls! Have fun!
    Sounds like you are well and truly back on track and motivated. well done!

  4. Julie, I am so excited that we are finally going to be catching up. And even more excited that you are getting the support you need, and deserve. Sometimes it takes the men-folk a little while to come to grips with the fact that this time we mean what we say and we are determined to get to our goals. But when we think back to how many times we tried, failed, and gave up I am not too sure I can blame them sometimes for being cynical.

    But not this time. Even a day out with the chicks is going to be done in moderation. Well the conversation and the laughing won't LOL.

  5. Lucy will give you extra exercise motivation!

  6. Hi Julie,,,guess you will be meting me on Sat as well. Looking forward to it.