Sunday, February 12, 2006

When new friends get together....

Well yesterday was really nice. I'm sorry I had to leave earlyish but Mark was leaving for France and things needed to be done before departure.

Funny thing was I must have walked further than I thought (or my pedometer recorded) because when I got home and went to take my shoes off, I couldnt get my sandal/thong off my left foot. It had swollen so much. So it was a case of forcing it off, and putting reliable old sneakers on before anyone noticed and gave me a lecture.

Anyway, I had a lovely lunch with the girls. Mary and I discovered that I had been married longer than she was old. Michelle and Linda flying in from points north and south - incredible. M was every bit as witty and funny as her posts. Jodie had that look that only expectant mums have - a certain bloom and Kathryn, who remembered to bring wine thank you so much. Mind you I think I have blown my points for the week (I knew that roti was too good to be true) but I had a lovely day. Good choice of restaurant Jodie. The weather was beautiful and we had the added bonus of dragon boat races being held at Darling Harbour as well. I didnt know so many people dragon boat raced. Once again sorry I had to beg off early and hope you had a good time and didnt spend too much money.

By the way, I would like Kathryn (am I spelling it right?) and Linda's blog addresses. Actually I think I have found Linda but just want to check so that I can keep in touch with you two as well.

Different tack now, I read an article in the Sunday Herald today that mentioned a website that I am going to investigate more later tonight after garden watering time. It is a free exercise/training site called Mikibo.

Did a modified Body Balance class this morning at the gym which was great. Explained foot problem to instructor and she just gave me modified options which worked pretty well. May consider this class rather than pilates on Saturday or maybe alternate them.

Hopefully I will get a chance or a lot of chances this week to catch up with everyone. If not, happy tracking


  1. Glad you enjoyed the day. Look after that foot.

  2. Well done on your loss Julie. So you're another of the lucky lunch girls - sound like it went really well.Have a good week.

  3. Hi Julie. Catherine is spelt..well Catherine and her blog is We all lovingly know her as CaramelKitKat - or CKK for short :D

    It was great to meet up with you - and don't you worry at all about leaving earlyish. We all left at separate times as other things we had to do came up. AND you are nursing an injury at the moment. Hope it has come good this afternoon.

    Well done for doing modified versions too. That's dedication for you. Yep think the points may have been a little over for the week but all in all we did OK with our choices.

    Hope you have a fantastic week and cope well with Mark out of the house :D (did you want my Mark as a trade??)

  4. Sounds like you all had a great day - I'm enjoying reading all your different takes on the get together!

    And well done on the loss last week too!!

  5. Sounds like a lovely time was had by all!
    Hope your foot is OK soon.

  6. Sounds like you all had a great time:)

  7. Hi Julie,

    Was lovely to meet you too. LOL at M, she IS a funny one. Probably not a bad thing you left when you did; it all got a bit ugly when M and Mary realised they could not win the boat race and turned to ramming Linda and I instead.

    I will have to have a read over your archives to get all the juicy details of your blogging life to date. Don't even entertain the thought of doing the same with mine - I have stagnated for months and months. It's all action stations now though!

    I hope Mark comes through with the goods.


  8. Happy Valentines Day!

  9. I think it was just so great that you could all meet up! A lot of fun:)

  10. I had a great day too! It's was really nice to finally meet everyone and I do hope that foot has gone down by now! Will definately be doing that again!! XX