Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quiet week

Have a fairly quiet week with Mark away and therefore have managed to stay well within my points for the week. Now we all know who the bad influence is - no, not really. As mentioned before he has been very supportive of this weight loss effort lately which is making it a lot easier. I'm afraid the bad influence was me. (Note I said WAS.)

Bought a pair of pants from Sussans yesterday in anticipation that we might go out tomorrow night (after weigh-in) for our anniversary. Couldnt believe it but they were a size 12 and fitted really well. They maybe a bit long but the short size looked too short even with my flatties on so opted for the slightly longer ones.

Still stressful at work. Maybe someone could give me some advice. We use Macs at work and I love them but I also use a PC at home and for some things at work (I have two computers in my office). For years I have been using Microsoft Works and find it very easy to use for database and merging using the word processor but Microsoft in their wisdom no longer support Microsoft Works for Macs. So I have installed virtual PC on my Mac and am using Works 8 but it is nowhere near as easy as when I used it on the Mac and now I have to keep going back to my old eMac to do the invoicing etc until such time as I figure out what is going on. Anyway if anyone can help me with an alternative database/word processing package for Macs let me know. Have had a look at Appleworks but it seems as cumbersome as Works 8 is proving to be. Email/comment or carrier pigeon would be most welcome.

Enough about work.

Mark is home tomorrow (haven't had word that he has been offloaded anywhere so assume he is winging his way towards me as I type). Trouble is he will probably make it home after I go to work but that just gives me something to look forward to all day.

Have signed up for the Mikibo exercise program and am slowly implementing it into my day. Even took Lucy for a short walk yesterday. Luckily I didnt have to carry the fat little podge back home. Did a 15 min walk on treadmill at gym today. That is the most I have walked on the treadmill in eons. Still cant walk very fast but have made a start. Foot not too sore so it all looks good.

Couldnt believe they voted David off BL but doesnt he look good. His family seemed so nice (arent Mums wonderful - mine not included in that comment).

Speaking of Mum went to visit her on Sunday and came away depressed. BUT for the first time staved off the lamingtons, breadrolls etc. Couldnt get away from the cold fried chicken and creamy pasta but had small amount only and said no to seconds. Had black coffee because no skim milk (which I didnt mind) and my water bottle. She is a very negative person who has continual sly digs at you (in the nicest possible voice) and a visit (especially without Mark) is always very draining. Her 84th birthday is in 10 days time so another visit is on the cards but Mark will be with me so it should go well. She doesnt muck up as much when he is around.

Anyway I will try to record tomorrow nights weight in before we go to Kiama.

This weekend is going to be tough WW-wise because it is a continual non-stop party, catching up with friends we haven't seen for a year. Suzy we used to all camp in a big circle with the cooking and socialising area in the middle and it was a really fun weekend (for a camping weekend) but the camping ground has slowly changed to cabins and onsite vans so we all now stay in cabins with spas and I cant say I was sorry to say goodbye to the tent although your sites with ensuites did sound appealing.
Hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. We (or should I say I) have a tough weekend ahead as well. A weekend away, concert at a winery -not many if any healthy food options there - plus as I said it is a winery! Will just do the best I can!
    Wish me luck with the Tai Chi!!!

  2. Yay for the new size 12 pants!

    I love the cabins with the spas too, but I must say I enjoy the tent as well (haven't been rained on yet though, may be a different story then, LOL).
    Don't know anything about Macs. My brother is an Architect and he won't have anything else!

  3. I'd be inclined to intstall Microsoft Office for the Mac. Much more functionality than Works anyway. I, too, have a Mac and a PC side-by-side in my office. Has its confusing moments - usually caused by me typing on the wrong keyboard!

  4. Whooo hooo for size 12 pants. Well done Julie. Sorry can't help on the PC front. I am a pc user and work has MS Office suite installed. It's all I know.

    Have fun on Mark's return. I am sure you will survive the round of parties on the weekend. All that catching up and chatting burns extra calories doesn't it??

    Have a great day Julie, and take care of that foot :D

  5. Have a great weekend and Happy Anniversary!!

    I know nothing about Mac's so can't help I'm afraid!

    Well done to behaving while visiting Mum. I know mum's can be very challenging at times. They just don't seem to understand and think they are doing the right thing when in fact it's all wrong!! Gotta love them though! XX

  6. Hey Linda,

    Sorry not dropping by again before now, but that really just gives you more time to do well: a nice loss and new pants - good job!

    I am with you all the way on being pro tent-alternatives. Too many awful family holidays in an over-heated dome with my pesky little baked-bean-eating brother. Sad thing is, the boy loves camping, so I go on the odd occassion. Just to be nice. And to have something over him.

    What is it with some people we're related to?? Have you ever had a bit of a go back?

  7. LOL at the bad influence. I think it would be easier to eat better when you don't have to worry about someone else but it's great that you have such a supportive partner. I am lucky Dan is good like that too.

    I like the pants in Sussans because they seem to have a good cut and sizes that make sense. YAY for the Size 12.

    We are PC and MAC users in my house and we use Microsoft Office (not Works) with no problems between all our computers. Maybe give that a go?

    I couldn't believe David got voted off TBL either. It was very sad but I guess that's the nature of the game too. What a hard decision. I think I would of voted him off too if I had to, considering all the factors. I think it sucks that anyone has to get voted off but then it makes the show and people's motivation more real and intense.

    Gosh, your mother sounds like mine. I always try to get Dan to come with me too or I know I'll come home really depressed too. I wish it wasn't that way. Oh well, as long as everything else in our lives is healthier for us!

    I hope you have a brilliant weekend :-)