Sunday, May 24, 2009


Mum died yesterday. She slipped quietly away, never regaining consciousness. Just the way she wanted to go. No pain.

She was a difficult mother. A troublemaker, always stirring things up, she could be vicious and mean but she was still my mother. Perhaps not the mother I would have wished for but perhaps I was not the daughter she wished for. None of us were. It was not in my nature to let her ride roughshod over me or mine but in her own way I think she loved me.

She grew up in the difficult times of the depression. Dirt poor, with a father who took to the road and didnt provide for the family and I am sure this moulded her into what she became. Who knows.

My children's last grandparent has gone. An era has ended. I am grateful that Jess took me to Queensland the week before last to say goodbye. I know now that if I had not gone I would have regretted it for ever.

My eldest sister said that her face was so peaceful the last few days. I hope she is happy wherever she is. That she has found peace and contentment finally.


  1. Deepest sympathy to you and yoru family Julie. It sounds like she had a tough life which probably shaped her being who she was, but still hard for you losing her.

  2. Deepest Sympathy, Im sure you will be able to find good memories along the way, as you say - she was your Mother, I hope she rests in peace.

  3. My sympathy Julie. No matter how difficult our relationships with our mothers are, we came from them, and who we are, or become, is intertwined with who they are. At least you saw her one more time to say your goodbyes.

  4. So sorry to hear about your mum but glad to hear the end was so peaceful. Yes it was good you managed to say your goodbyes - and as Molly says your relationship with your mother has shaped who you are today - learning from the shortcomings - and having become a warm wonderful mum with great relationships with your children. Zxx

  5. Anonymous8:17 AM


    Sorry to hear your sad news. Relationships aren't always easy - some rarely so - but I agree with the others, they all work to shape how we live and love. Your words were lovely to read, honest and real without a hint of bitterness.

    I hope you get out for a few more strolls whilst the fallen autumn leaves are still thick on the ground.

    Love Catherine

  6. Dear Julie, my deepest sympathies on the loss of your Mother. *hugs*