Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Happening

I am slowly trying to teach myself to walk again. Still use both crutches sometimes, still have the aircast on but sometimes I only use one crutch like a cane or in moments of sheer daredevilishness no crutches.

Still not sleeping well but at least do not wander the house as much at night.

Have decided that I am going back to work next week for two days. At least that is the plan and I will see how I go the first day. Have to work out how I am going to get there as I still cant drive.

Mum is being moved into palliative care wing in hospital. She has been in a room in the normal part of the hospital under palliative care but as this room in an acute response room it is needed for others. She spends a lot of her time sleeping now but she is hanging in there. As her doctor says "a tough old bird".

My sisters went to see the funeral directors yesterday before my middle sister (MS) flew home. We are going to bring her ashes back to NSW as requested. MS dropped in on way home from the airport and stayed for dinner so that they missed the peakhour traffic. Lovely night.

But still I'm not sleeping and it is driving me batty. Actually I probably am sleeping but just dozing and waking a lot.

New armchairs that I have ordered from Freedom are being delivered on Saturday week. They have been trying to deliver them for a while but with me being in hospital and then having to fly to Brisbane it has been impossible. Council clean up is the same weekend so it should work out okay.

Builder dropped in on Sunday to apologize for not starting the bathroom on time but really it is easier for me that it hasnt started. New date in a months time and by them I should be up and going again.

Am finally having a shower when I want to and not when there is someone around in case I have an accident. Mind you have to check in with daughter when I am going to have said shower and when I have finished. A brief look to life in the future.

Life is not terribly interesting when confined to home but I enjoy reading blogs. Off to attempt to make myself a cup of coffee. Have a good day.

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  1. Like you I'm semi confined to home and as you said life's not that intersting at times.

    Here's to your recovery, sounds like you are getting there.

    Even though you know your mum is nearing the end it's still so hard to go through.

    LOL - just seen what I need to enter for word verification! godpain!!!