Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm back

Well here I am. Bed bound but still here. The operation went well apparently. I can weight-bear on ankle with crutches. Painful but not too bad. Spent the first three days with a morphine drip and now am on endone and digesics which I am trying to decrease. Spend a lot of time being nauseous which means I am not eating much. Have discovered Mark is not a great carer. He rings me and asks me what's for dinner? Hello, I am in bed, nauseous, havent a clue what is left in freezer and couldnt care if I ate again at the moment. The questions I am being asked a sigh-worthy like, where are the vases? the milk carton is leaking what should I tip the milk into? Good god he is a grown man who I may have spoiled a little. He has no concept of what I am going through I dont think. Oh enough whinging.

Thank goodness Jess called in yesterday on her way home from work. She bought me coffee, I could have my shower and she stayed for dinner and put her father back into a good mood. She really is a ray of sunshine most of the time.

Back to see surgeon next Wednesday. Which seems really quick to me.

My mum has a form of leukemia prevalent in the elderly which is getting worse. She has returned to hospital yesterday and it looks like she will not be coming back home again. But she is a tough old bird so who knows.

Tiredness setting in. I have nearly read all the blogs but may not have commented. Zanna I am sure we have been sisters somewhere along the road and I will answer your tag as soon as I am able to.

Have a good day.

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  1. Pleassed to hear you got through it all ok.

    Men! They just don't think. I can imagine the lasst thing on your mind is the leaking milk carton.

    Sad about your mum.

    Take care:-)