Sunday, May 10, 2009

Whingey semi-bad patient

Believe it or not I am over being unable to walk and I have run out of pain killers and think that I am now suffering withdrawal symptons. Damn damn damn

Sick of being in bed, sick of sitting, sick of the effort of having a shower exhausting me.

Now I am going to be really unPC. I am tired of people visiting me. I cant do this. I am tired and while I love them all I have had to get out of my comfort zone twice in the past two days to have meals with friends.


Happy Mothers Day to you all. Or Godmothers day or what a great aunt day. You all deserve to be fussed over as you are raising or helping to raise a generation of incredible children and grandchildren.

Gareth has arrived with another pandora charm and I know Jess will bring the same when she finishes work. My bracelets are filling up, each a wonderful memory of who and when it was given to me. Not the super expensive charms just charms that mean something to my beautiful children.


  1. Oh you poor chook - can just imagine how fed up you must be. Hope you're having a lovely Mothers day and what a fabulous idea getting charms for your bracelet. Had a real laugh at your last post - I think we must have got our husbands from the same shop!!! Take care Love Z xx

  2. awwwwwww you poor thing, hope the comfort zone improves...I can imagine how frustrating it must be!

    mmmmm I am with you and Zanna on the hubbys, must have found mine in that shop too!!

    Jen xx

  3. Your title could be describing my man. Trying so hard to patient and your post bought home how he must be feeling.

    Snap - I got a pandora charm as well. May have to start another bracelet:-)