Friday, May 22, 2009

Nightmare or Bad Dream

My sleep was woken this morning by Jess's usual good morning phone call but she woke me from a bad dream. A perceived threat. It had something to do with blogging, friends and work. It left me with a strange and uncomfortable feeling - very unsettled.

I know I had been thinking about my blogroll and the number of people who dont blog anymore. I will really have to do some housekeeping soon.

Which leads me to another interesting fact. I signed up for facebook recently so that I could submit an article about, you guessed it, Lucy the Wonderdog. All very strange and scary but an interesting thing happened - a lot of people I know personally or used to know through blogs are doing or have done facebook. Their pages came up when I initially signed in. Not sure that I am going to follow this up as I feel I spend far too much time wasting on the computer as it is but I found it interesting.

The weather here is perfect for staying in bed lately. Torrential rain and a bit blowy (sorry for people who are out and about in it).

Today I am going to do the washing (see how exciting my life has become LOL). Of course I cant hang it out: a) it's raining and b) I cant get it down to the clothes line but I will have it washed and ready for DH to deal with when he comes home.

Oh well its midday and I must have a shower and then settle in to watch Ellen and Oprah and may even get my embroidery out today.

Life doesnt get anymore exciting than this - no I really mean it, it doesnt!


  1. mmmmm Facebook...It IS very addictive....I love it and spend far too much time on it !!!

    Hope you sorted out the bad dream...

  2. Do you remember I sent you a friend request for FB a long time ago and you didn't take it up - you were such a luddite you said!! lol. See it catches you eventually! Z xx

  3. Have been catching up on your recent posts! Sometimes it takes extreme measures to remind us of what a pleasure it is when we can do normal things, like taking a shower!-without it being a major undertaking! I hope you continue on the path to full recovery!