Saturday, January 30, 2010

A bit of a shock

Had a call from Jess last weekend to say that she was putting herself and partner on a diet - I dont quite know why but anyway I told her about calorieking. When she came around she said that she thought it was a wonderful site so since I hadnt visited for a while I went and had a look.

In spite of all my good intentions about not counting points or calories and that I could do this on my own I decided to record my intake for 1 day.

By lunch time I had nearly used up the calories I had been allocated for the day. Hmmm - I think I can see a bit of a problem here. No wonder I am having trouble. Being sedentary doesnt help but still I was eating good food but just lots of it. I think it is called portion control.

Anyway I have continued on this week weighing, estimating and recording and not once have I managed to come in at the suggested calorie intake level for losing weight. Some days, even though I have tried, I have eaten nearly one and a half the amount of calories I should.

So my suggestion is if you think you are doing the right thing and still not losing any weight or worse, putting it on, record what you are eating for a couple of days - you might get a shock.

Anyway back at work this week. Relying on other people to drive you to and from work is the pits because I end up working long days waiting for people and by the time I get home there isnt any time to do anything else other than the basics. So many things to do at work that I sometimes dont quite know where to start. The phones havent been working properly which meant a lot of walking or yelling between offices, the smoke detectors went off yesterday afternoon for no reason and when one goes off they all go off and the noise is mind-numbing and they had to be disconnected and an emergency call put in to the maintenance company. Technician had just arrived yesterday when I was going home and luckily one of the teachers volunteered to stay behind.

Still not sleeping well no matter how tired I am becoming. Start and finish in my bed but sometime during the night I move to the guest bedroom because I hate keeping GOM awake. He too has to sleep.

New rheumatoligist visit next Friday. Managed to get a copy of the last blood tests from GP so I have something to take with me as well as all the x-rays. Thanks Anna for sending me that blog. Havent read it all but have added it to my reader list.

Jess got her new table and chairs this morning. Would you believe delivery was at 6:30.
Gareth leaves for Alaska on Monday. He has tickets to see the skeleton events at the winter olympics. His ex-girlfriend got them for him. He is also hoping to see the snowboarding. They are going to be a long 5 weeks for me but at least this time I have skype.

Have a good weekend everyone and I will catch up soon.


  1. Skeletons compete in the Olympics? Who knew!

  2. Julie's Journey sounds like an Olympic event in itself! Those of us in the stands are cheering for you.

  3. Yep you can say you're over the whole counting points or counting calories - but it's what keep us honest - I always know when I'm serious - the scales are sitting out on the kitchen bench permanently and somewhere I'm recording my points. I've signed the pledge for the next 12 weeks - reckon I can achieve something decent if I cut out the alcohol. Try not to push yourself too hard now you're back at work - remember work to live - not the other way round!! Zxx

  4. I've been following the satisfaction ww plan...and geeeee its really working for me. Planning ahead is what keeps me on track...
    As Z said....don't push too hard.

    Love skype...great way to stay in touch.

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