Thursday, January 21, 2010

On the home stretch

Well the cast came off yesterday and am now in an aircast boot for 4 weeks. Convinced the doctor that I would be alright sleeping without it - sleeping being the operative word but must admit that I worried that I would rip the inner stitches apart in my sleep. And I have to remember to put the boot back on when I get up in the middle of the night. A tricky manoeuvre when you are half asleep.

Also had my shower routine in the cast down pat and this morning was a bit of a disaster but I guess I will get there. The great thing about people, and me in particular, is that we adapt - maybe not as gracefully as we should but still we adapt.

Back to see doctor in 4 weeks with an x-ray. Thanks for the fingercrossings.

GOM picks up his new car today. Another black Subaru Liberty but I got a look at it yesterday and it is so much bigger than the model he has. I dont quite understand why we need such a big car - there is just us most of the time and of course, Lucy the wonderdog when she is invited out.

Heard from Jess today. Who am I kidding she rings me two or three times a day. They are thinking of coming back a day early as their friends have decided to come back early. Whoo Hoo - oh I mean that's sad. So she could be back on Friday instead of Saturday. Yay coffee together on Saturday maybe. If not, then probably Sunday. I miss her presence so much and so does her kitty, Kara. Mark and I go up and feed her everynight and play for a little while with her but I think she misses Jess horribly. I'm glad I am not the only one.

Gareth is still trying to find a new flatmate. Someone is coming to look today. He is also in the final countdown of his preps for his trip to Alaska. 11 days and he is off for 5 weeks. Will miss him but he has hooked up skype for me so we can talk when he is away and I can still have my weekly dose of Gareth.

Am enjoying my arthritis book immensely. Some very interesting things in it about strength training. Was reading it while I waited at physio, doctors, credit union etc etc yesterday and underlining things I wanted to remember. Will go through it with page markers too and list some of the things that are interesting such as the chapter about oils:

High anti-inflammatory oils - Fish oil and flaxseed oil
Moderate anti-inflammatory oils - Canola, Evening Primrose, Soybean, Blackcurrant seed, Olive and Borage
Pro-inflammatory oils (rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids) - Safflower, corn, sunflower and cottonseed

The high and moderate anti-inflammatory oils are known to suppress inflammation and the last four encourage it.
Most processed food contain the Omega-6 Fatty Acids Oils - biscuits, crisps etc.

It got me looking a packages.

Also took the BMI test - knew I shouldnt have. I know that this test is not conclusive and should be done with stomach and hip measurements too but it was a bit scary and I think that the measurements would have been even more scary.

Anyway, so much to take in and so many plans to formulate and follow through.


  1. Sorry I've been diving in and reading and rushing off without a comment. But I do think of you often and have so much sympathy with your trials and tribulations with casts and crutches. I see you managed to get your template changed - well done you Luddite you! Funny things our offsprings - we encourage them to go off and spread their wings - but's it's so good when they come back to the nest - but I suppose it's the fact that it's temporary which provides a lot of the attraction!!! The book sounds really interesting - hope you find some benefits. Take care Z xx

  2. Glad to hear you sounding so up beat! With Recent Events around here had forgotten the book. Sounds like something I should read....Will write it down this time!

  3. Your wonderfully positive attitude is always such an inspiration for me!

  4. Interesting about the oils. Will have to get back onto fish or flaxseed and give the other types up :)
    Keep up the good work and it wont be long before you are cast/airbag free. Gives you time to read though LOL
    Have a great weekend :)

  5. Glad you finding trhe book very interesting and hopefully helpful, enjoy your reading.

  6. I thought about you and your meeting with the rheumatologist when I read this, it's a great blog!

    Hoping you have a pain-free day:)

  7. Hi Julie
    Haven't forgotten you all ;-)
    I do check in from time to time.
    Sounds like that book has some interesting info in it.
    I know what you mean about our "children". I don't feel quite right when they are too far away. Take care
    sue xx

  8. I've been guilty as well of racing in - reading and not writing a comment. The book sounds interesting and helpful.

    Great to hear there is some progress for you having the cast of, hope the next 4 weeks flys by for you.

    Take care:-)