Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Plan (yes yet another one)

My plan last week starting from Monday was to lose a kilo a week until I am back where I should be for health reasons. Well guess what I put on 100g between major weigh-ins (the minor weigh-ins went up and down like a yo-yo).

You dont have to be Einstein to work out why - basically the midnight munchies (or more accurately the between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. munchies) were the problem. Now I think I am a fairly intelligent person and I know that eating during the time I should be sleeping is stupid but that didnt stop me at all.

The mind-numbing despair that comes at that time of the night/morning when you are somehow wide awake but desperately craving sleep is debilitating. BUT no excuses - still did the wrong thing and I knew it.

Have also discovered over the past two days - a bit late but nonetheless - that if I get up have a drink (chamomile tea or warm milk and half a banana) and instead of watching tv/reading/playing DS I go to the bed in the spare room I can lie down and fidget as much as I want without disturbing GOM. Bliss! I have been waking up a few hours later and going back to my bed and I am okay. The cool weather is also helping (it was a pleasant cool yesterday in Sydney but it was minus 4 degrees at Thredbo).

Got back onto track yesterday and the scales looked better this morning.

Had my first attempt at meditation yesterday. As usual my "wildmind" (a phrase I read in a blog this morning) ran, well wild. I think it is also called monkey chatter. I kept bringing myself back to the breath but it was no sooner back then off it ran again, chattering wildly. I will keep trying.

A small glimmer of hope arrived in the mail yesterday - a book. I had seen it at the physios when he put the cast on my leg and since I cant get out had found it on the internet and ordered it. This all happened before Christmas. It finally arrived yesterday. The book is "Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis by Dr Miriam Nelson". I have only read a small part of it but find myself a bit overwhelmed by what it says. She could be speaking directly to me. I am so looking forward to the chapters on exercise and diet and know that I will be integrating some of the exercises into my day when I can.

The decluttering of my study is progressing slowly but well. I actually threw out all the "Table" magazines I had yesterday without going through each one. The rationale is that I have not looked at them in years and all this information is available on-line.

Also got another box of books to take to Lifeline. Still more to go but I dont want to scare GOM with the scale of what I am doing. How one (me) person could have accumulated so much paper is truly mindboggling and slightly scary.

Off to physio to take cast off tomorrow and then to surgeon for revisison. Keep all your collective fingers crossed for me.


  1. Fingers are crossed for you !!

    Don't ya just hate that midnight snacking...been there done that and luckily haven't done it for awhile now !!

  2. I will have to look for that book! You make a good point about clearing out magazines. I have so many and feel I must flip through each one, because God forbid I should throw one out and miss the scintillating article on P.52 [which I have survived quite nicely without reading all these yeas!]Maybe I can summon the gumption to do it your way!

  3. Me like you has a mountain of magazines mostly recipe ones LOL I will try and be strong and throw them or give them away. Mind you the last time I gave a pile to my daughter & son in law nearly had a fit!!!! Thought it could clutter their house rather than mine BUT I had gone through them all first ripping out recipes that I will probably never use LOL.
    That book sounds interesting....I would love to hear more about it. Will see if it is available at our library :)
    Hope all goes well with the cast :)

  4. Good luck with the cast, Julie, all fingers crossed!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing the book, it looks really helpful and definately in my "change your lifestyle to cure chronic ailments" field of interest... have you gotten any specific tips from it that seem "right" for you?