Friday, January 15, 2010


Only 4 more nights of purgatory until the cast comes off. Thank goddess! Another night with little sleep and having to be up early this morning to wait for grocery delivery (why I elected to have it delivered so early I dont know) has sent me spiralling down although I had a good result on those things that rule my life - the scales.

Was going really well this week foodwise until I went to my sister's for lunch. I guess that is something I have to learn how to do even after all these year - or else become a hermit.

I am nearly being driven mad trying to convert from a PC to a mac. Thankfully the Apple help desk is, well, helpful and relatively easy to get on to as I speak to them nearly every day.

Excuse any negative vibes that are coming out of the computer this morning but I am exhausted and at the end of my tether.

Enjoy your weekends.


  1. What better place to vent.

    You do sound tired and over it, not long until that cast comes off.

  2. ouch... I started a new diet last friday which was not a good idea, as the weekend of course meant some social events which were hard to adapt to my "mostly raw food" detox diet plan. Didn't exactly help my motivation :( but switching to mac? Hang in there! After a little while you'll know your way around and it will be waaay simpler than the old Pc :)