Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lunches and other things

This was today's lunch. My lunches this week have basically been the same. Points free salad - carrot, tomato, lettuce, herbs, mushrooms, cucumber, capsicum and onion. The protein changes - sometimes chickpeas or chicken or ham or egg or fish. The dressing changes but I try to make it as fat free as possible. Oh and I occasionally add a small tin of super sweet corn. No bread of any sort. Third day in a row.

No wine for two nights so far but I am sleeping so badly. Will persevere but am looking forward to Friday.

No exercise this morning because I slept so badly last night but am going to the gym this afternoon for some upper body weight training IF there isnt a storm and I dont have to rush home to placate Lucy.

Yesterday was a problem. Am tracking as best I can and can now see why I am putting on weight rather than losing it. I think when I was going through the Breakfast King, Lunch Prince and Dinner Pauper phase I was eating enough points at breakfast to last the whole day, nearly.

Actually thought about ringing my surgeon today to ask would it be okay to start running on a treadmill. Luckily commonsense prevailed. BUT I really really miss running. I've tried running in the pool but it is not the same.

I am very grateful that I can still walk and that is something hugely to be thankful for.

After talking about the brush turkey on Monday, guess what? A baby turkey turned up this morning in the garden outside my window. So so pretty and cute and so little. They are virtually self sufficient from the moment of birth and there he/she was scratching around in the garden like a grown up. Five minutes later a goanna walked passed so hopefully he got away. If I can get a picture I will.

I am half way through the last school term of the year and it is hump day. Bonus!
Enjoy yourselves.
PS - Am not going anywhere near the scales until next Monday although it is so tempting to check.


  1. Thanks for the comment you left me !

    Great looking lunch. Well done on no wine for two nights - have you thought of maybe taking one of the over the counter sleeping tablets - just something mild to help you get to sleep ?

    I'm with you that running in the pool isn't anything like the same.

    Have a great rest of the week !

  2. Your lunch looks good to me! Just take baby steps with your exercise..

  3. That salad looks yummo....I need to have a few lunches without bread too....but its hard when we have no fridge at work :-(

  4. Hi Jen, it would be hard without a fridge. Maybe a couple of frozen bottles of water would keep it cool enough in an insulated bag or you could try asking nicely for a small bar fridge for staff.