Monday, November 21, 2011

A year ago

This weekend was a bit of a disaster. It isnt called yo yo weight for nothing - back up 400g this week.

Goal update:

Managed 3 days with no alcohol (should have been four)
Four Lucy walks plus one gym session (Missed a walk)
No tracking after lunchtime on Friday until this morning (this has to stop)

Just looked back at my WW online and exactly a year ago I was 1.8kg lighter.

I returned to this time last year on my blog too.

My back was really giving me a lot of trouble.

A friend has just suicided. (There was actually a rememberance ceremony last Friday for her which I went to for a little while - still miss her)

I had to get to work early this morning to open up for one of the consultants who is running a staff development day here today. Up at 5.30 - walked Lucy - at work by 7.30 and boy am I tired. Here it is Monday morning at 9:45 am and I want to go and lie down for an hour or two and I cant stop yawning.

Carpet is coming up in the bedroom today I think. I don't know how M is going to do it by himself but I am glad I am not there to watch or hear it.

Update: 9:47 am and Carpet has gone. Yay!

He is also redesigning our built-in wardrobe and has been harping on about my shoes and how I possibly couldnt need all of them. He is right but it is something I am not ready to tackle yet so I have dug my heels in (no pun intended) and told him to back off.

I wish everything would just go away and leave me alone. (I think that is the tiredness speaking.)

Having a blood test today to check out my thyroid and going to the podiatrist later this week to check out my feet. I have 5 visits under the care plan and the first one made such a difference to the pain in my feet.

Also going to get my hair cut tomorrow. Think I have had enough of trying to grow it.

This was a really pretty moth that came to visit on the weekend. It was on the deck railing and obligingly waited for me to get my camera and take a photo. Good moth. Dont you love the lacy pattern on its wings.

Anyway, I cant blame anything or anyone for my gain this week unless of course it is myself. I am feeling a bit down but it will pass.

Walking Lucy this morning was gorgeous. Cool before the humidity kicks in again, nobody but the two of us, so I could let her off her lead for a little sniff and run. Mark has clipped her a lot over the weekend because she has been really suffering and while she looks a little strange she is much much happier being a shorthaired dog.

This week will be better. I will try and remember all the things that I know about why I am doing badly. I will exercise more, drink alcohol less and try to keep an accurate record of everything for 7 days. I may not succeed but I will try. Hope your week goes according to plan too.


  1. Hi Julie - keep focussed on the positives of what you have achieved. I know at times it is so hard to do.

    Sorry to hear about your friend - that is always so hard to deal with and the questions that are often unanswered as a result of their actions. Thinking of you.

    At this point - I am with you on wishing everyone would just go away and leave me alone - and I am not even tired - mind you, I start work at 7.30 every day so am used to the early start anyway.

    I have to get a thyroid test done as well - seems like the pill is mainly to blame for my slow weight loss so am investigating other avenues - why do all the work and then take medication that just negates everything I am trying to achieve ?

    A hair cut ALWAYS makes me feel so much better about everything.

    LOVE the moth - I thought it was a crocheted doily on a table !!!!!

    Have a great week !

    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. Yes, you lean on & help me...and I'll lean on you and help you.

    We'll get there...keep smiling.

  3. Considering your health challenges in the last year, I don't think 1.8kg is to bad...