Monday, November 14, 2011

Visitors from last week

These were the visitors from last week.

This is the first echidna I have seen close to the building.

The water dragon is a regular visitor. He sits on the huge rock outside in the garden and holds court and does push up (maybe a courtship thing). His chest goes bright red when he does. Very entertaining.

Well good news for this weeks weigh in this morning.

Lost 700g of the yo yo weight again.

Re the goals:
Had four alcohol free days but I think I made up for it on Friday and Sunday nights. Got to work on that aspect. No wine while I was cooking dinner was hard and felt very righteous that I made it. LOL. Such a twit.

Walked Lucy four mornings and managed a session at the gym doing upper body weights.
Am behind the eight ball this week as I didn't walk her this morning.

Damn what was the other thing. Just let me check.

Oh yes, tracking - Good for four out of seven days. Some improvement needed.

No carbs as in bread at lunch on five days. So a tick there as well I think.

Now down to life's nitty gritty:
J is home from Canada. I am so so happy. The daily multiple phone calls have started again and she even visited yesterday and I didnt care that I had stacks to do, if was just so nice to sit and have a cuppa and gossip. They are all coming for dinner tonight. Hopefully the promised southerly will hold off just long enough that we can sit outside and have dinner.

G is thinking about or should I say has decided to move in with his girlfriend. Slightly freaking out (him not me) because it is a big step. We'll see how it works out. He had to grow up one day.

Nothing much else - have decided to rip up the carpet in the bedroom. There are old polished floorboards underneath and I think I would rather have them then carpet. Especially old dusty moth eaten carpet. We will see how we go and either end up replacing the carpet or repolishing the floor when we repolish the rest of the house.

Everything is going well at the moment and I am very thankful. Let's hope that the weight thingy keeps going down. Silly season fast approaching and I am very susceptible to the silly season.

Have a great week - off to eat another salad - this one with corn and chicken and mayo.
Yum Yum


  1. EXCELLENT WORK !!!!! Well done on a great loss Julie. Keep doing what you can with the exercise and tracking.

    YAY for having J home - I can only imagine how much you missed her.

    Have a great week !

  2. Carbs are my big downfall, espesially bread, have no fridge at work so usually buy a sald roll for lunch (no butter, mayo or cheese!!)...and have NO toast for breakkie...

  3. Your water dragon is quite the handsome fellow! We have little lizards here who are very territorial, like to flex their muscles and show off their "plumage" for the ladies!