Wednesday, March 08, 2006

6 Week Crash and Burn

Was reading the other night about the 6 weeks crash and burn syndrome and it wasnt really sinking in until I gave it a bit of thought. Hey, that is where I am! That is what is happening to me.

Still tracking but the sneaky sampling has snuck in. A jatz here and taste there, it is all adding up.

I think I feel that I deserve it because I have been doing so well. But if I dont keep doing well I wont feel good. I actually think, no I know, it is just my mind trying to sabotage me.

I'm a little off colour, work is hectic etc etc etc. So many reasons and none really valid to warrant giving in to my demons.

This is a lifestyle change and it will not have to be this rigourous forever but I need to get some control back into my eating.

I want my waist back
I want my rear to disappear
I want my tummy flatter (this one may be a lost cause)
I want the tops of my thighs to stop rubbing together

So many wants and there is only one way to get there (at least for me) - track, watch what I eat and drink water.

My questions from weight watchers last week were:

Q: What would I like to see when I step on the scale next week?
A: Another 500g gone.

Q: Can I do it?
A: Yes.

Q. Am I willing to commit to my weight loss effort?
A: Yes - I have to.

Q: What steps do I need to take to help me achieve next week's desired outcome?
A: Dont give in to the little mean voices in my head who tell me it is okay to just have one taste - for me its not okay. I need to track honestly, drink as much water as I can and move more.

I didnt realise that I had such a sedentary job but since wearing my pedometer every day I see I hardly move at work at all. So I will have to incorporate some more movement into my day at work even if it is just a walk around the building every hour starting tomorrow.

Foot has been playing up a bit but I will sort that out in a couple of weeks when I have it xrayed again and go back to the surgeon.

Anyway I hope you all are having a great week. Weigh in tomorrow night.


  1. I found when I wore a pedometer I was shocked at how little I moved in a day!

    Your post tonight rung close to home - so easy to get complacent and start nibbling extras here and there. I'm feeling great though as have managed to track for over a week now! We can do it:)

  2. You know what you want and you are determined so you WILL get there!

    Yes, the pedometer really lets you know what you are doing. I found the 10,000 steps a day challenge really helped me in the winter. I know it must be much more difficult to find the time when you are working though.