Friday, March 24, 2006


No not really. There was no loss and importantly no gain this week and it has been a busy week. Mark thought it was good that I hadnt put on weight after last Sunday when we had 6 friends for lunch. Anyway I know I also havent been as careful as I was previously so I will have to try to get back on track.

One of the couples who came to lunch have just bought a motorbike. They are not novices as bike riding and the reaction of their children was hysterical. They got quite a lot of lectures and have been told they are not to ride it in the rain. I had a ride around the streets (pillion only of course) and it brought back a flood of memories and I felt 18 again. Although I did have a bit of a problem getting on and off the bloody thing LOL.

Family problems bubbling along and they have just about worn me out. Had one sister hang up on me the other day although she had sent me a number of emails since.

Dont know whether I mentioned it last week but Jess has passed her physical for the police force and now is just awaiting placement in CSU I think. She is so excited and I must admit, a pleasure to live with at the moment.

Lovely autumn weather in Sydney at the moment. The nights are getting cooler making it easier to sleep.

One thing, the post prior to this one is no longer showing the number of comments. The comments are still there but not being shown on the post page. Does anyone have any idea why?

We are off to the rugby tonight at Aussie stadium. Meeting Mark at the pub for dinner before. Keep your fingers crossed that I make good choices. I always have good intentions. I have been hungry lately but dont know whether that is to do with the cooler weather.

Also a bit fed up with the fact that most of the weight I have lost has seemed to come off my top half which is fine except now people are saying I look a bit gaunt with only a little coming off the bottom half. Its a pity we cant pick the spot where we would like to lose weight from - it would make it a lot easier.

Have a good weekend everyone. :o)


  1. Don't worry about the no gain, it is bound to go down next week. Sorry to hear your family are still being difficult, that can be so unsettling so you are handling it well not to resort to food. About the weight loss areas. At training yesterday we decided that the fat from our boobs shifted down to our thighs, so you are not alone with that complaint.

  2. Well done for not gaining though!

    Congrats to your daughter and good luck to her.

    Hope the family problems settle down soon.

  3. I love motorbikes! We always used to ride my brother's bikes on the farm and have got a few good scars to remind me :-)
    Sorry to read about your family problems, they can really suck but I hope it all gets sorted in some way. We can only hope. Great to hear about your daughter though! All the best with her placement.

    Good news about the lower body thing. I thought the same too. I was losing more on top than below but since I started cycling 6 months ago (10-12kms, 5 days/week) I am shrinking even though I'm maintaining my weight. I just lost another pants size! I reckon it's purely the cycling. Maybe give that a go?

  4. well done for not gaining :) it will come off the bottom half....that is normally the last place for it to go for me

  5. I'm the opposite - my bottom half went first!! Sometimes we are enver happy!

    Hope your family issues settle:)

  6. Good things come to those who wait. Hang in there!