Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Calmed down

Had a long talk to oldest sister. Told Mum to stop fuelling the feud between sisters. Other sister has gone away for the week so will catch up with her on the weekend when she gets back - luckily I have calmed down somewhat. Thanks for all your kind thoughts.

Had a moment today - yesterday while lifting potting mix out of trolley into boot of car I pulled the muscles in my lower back yet again (will I never learn). Pain pretty much immediate. Midway through last night thought I would take some digesics so that I could get some sleep and got up, took two and went back to bed. When alarm went off, hadnt been asleep much but felt okay, got up had shower and then it hit me. Dizziness and nausea. Would lie down for a minute and feel okay and get up and the same feeling would wash over me.

Could drive so couldnt go to work so rang and said I may be in later. I felt really strange. Around 11 a.m. worked it out - I had taken two really really strong pain killers instead of the digesics and I guess that was where the reaction was coming from.

Ended up driving to work because they were having problems but within ten minutes felt dreadful again and somehow managed to drive home again and went to bed and straight to sleep. Feel okay now although back is starting to ache again.

The interesting thing was when I felt sick I wanted to eat all the bad foods and six weeks ago I probably would have even though I know it doesnt really help but today I made a conscious decision not too. I am so surprised with myself - this would be a first.

Off to have my hair cut again tomorrow as a little reward/distraction for my achievement. It is getting a bit curly (read boofy) on top and I liked it really short so may have to have a trim every 4 weeks to keep it in check.

Anyway off to bed to read for a bit. Hope everyone's week is going well. Will try to catch up with blogs tomorrow at work.

Thanks again, your ongoing advice and support is so appreciated. Reminds me of the YaYa Sisterhood. Take care....


  1. I'm glad things are working themselves out. Take care with that back and I hope you are feeling so much better soon. XX

  2. I am glad to hear that you managed to talk things over with one sister - hope things work out OK with the whole situation.
    Really hope that your back is better soon - there is nothing worse than back ache - take care and look after yourself !

  3. Did you read the Ya Ya books?? I did - and loved them!!

    Hope your fmaily sorts themselves out!

    Also hope you rest up and take care of your back and that it is soon better!!