Friday, March 03, 2006

Weigh-In No 5

After a really hectic week (anniversary and 4 days away in Kiama socialising) I somehow managed to come in at the end of the week only slightly over in points and when I weighed in last night had still managed to lose 500g. Was happy with that because that is what I am aiming at every week.

Am a bit frustrated that I havent been able to catch up with everyone due to work and housework commitments.

I used to post at work (probably not ethical I know) but find because it is still chaotic here (though getting better - except for me spilling a full cup of coffee all over my desk on Tuesday MAJOR STRESS OUT) but I havent had time and I really miss catching up with everyone in blogland.

Mary - bought the book "The four agreements" - probably tenets I need to apply to my life.

Am enjoying reading AJ Rochester's books.
Interesting point, which I have read a lot lately, about it taking 21 times to create a new habit but she also points out it takes 42(?) times to break a bad one.

Everyone home now although Gareth does not seem well. I think his asthma may be playing up but being a typical male wont go to the doctor to renew his medication.

Jess has not heard from the police force yet but should know yay or nay within the next 10 days.

Off to the rugby on Saturday afternoon to watch the Waratahs play the Sharks. It is an early afternoon match so that, heaven forbid, the rugby crowd doesnt get caught up in the Mardi Gras.

Mums' birthday on Sunday. Middle sister already stressing out about having to spend time with Mum so probably will not be a terribly enjoyable day because of tension.

Anyway I hope to catch up with you guys soon. Must update my stats and take some new measurements. Am well along on my walking tour of France but need to pick up the step count a bit.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Well done on the loss - keep up the steps to make sure the socialising doesn't catch up with you next week !!!
    Hope you enjoy the rugby - will keep an eye out for you in the crowd.
    Have a great week !

  2. Congrats on the loss! Well done!

    Don't know why family things have to be so stressful at times. It is a shame, but seems that way in most families. Hope it is OK for you.

  3. Great loss Julie. You are doing so well, all that socialising and still losing. Good luck with the family issues.

  4. You are doing great:)

  5. Well done on the great loss Julie! :-) Don't worry too much about when you can blog because most of us are in the same boat. I completely understand and hope that you don't mind that I may be a little late on commenting too but still reading!