Friday, March 31, 2006

This weeks rambling

Well, I have to rethink last weeks no loss/no gain - maybe it wasnt a plateau, maybe it was a lovely long lunch with friends on the Sunday which I tried to be good at but went over my points (by quite a lot) and spent the rest of the week playing catch up with points.

This week I lost a kilo! Cant say anything much was different. I thought that last Sunday (bbq lunch with Mum and Sunday night drinks) might have done me in again but no. Im not complaining but I dont really understand.

It looks like Jess will be in the June intake into the police. She is soooo excited and I am soooo apprehensive. I will miss her as she has been so happy lately. She has met up again with the girl she was a buddy with in Year 5 (the peer support scheme). This girl is a lovely girl but has a few problems and Jess has taken on the task of being her mentor again as this girl has cried out for help (sort of a big sister).

DS dislocated his shoulder again at soccer training just running so it was off to the sports doctor on Tuesday and he is booked in for a MRI on next Tuesday and probably a shoulder reconstruction.

DH has had to have his pancreas checked out via a blood test this week and will get results tomorrow. Could just be something to do with eating too much (dont care how skinny or how fast your metabolism is - overeating will get you in the end). He actually didnt eat all the fat from the lamb chops last night which despite my constant nagging would be the first time ever.

As for me, in this house of crocks, all okay with foot. Bone has regrown again. Plate will stay in foot. Have to wait 3 or 4 months for new orthotics as foot is still swollen and it will take 6 to 12 months for the swelling to go down. Strenuous walking or beloved running will have to wait a bit longer I think - damn.

Finished walking France a while ago and have joined the 10,000 steps a day.

Have given up trying to resolve family problems. They wont discuss it together and it just degenerates into "she said, no she said, etc etc". When Mum was trying to tell eldest sister about latest argument with other sister, she just kept saying "I dont want to know". I am going to adopt that attitude too. They can fight among themselves but I am not going to listen anymore - it is not my problem and they are missing out on each other. Am ringing middle sister today as I have not spoken to her since she hung up on me last week although she has sent me a lot of long emails justifying her position. (Am going to enact one of the four agreements about not fuelling gossip.)

Off to the rugby tonight and then a normal weekend of tai chi, pilates, walking Lucy, grocery shopping etc etc.

Have just received my notifications for the renewal of Oprah and Notebook. While I love both these magazines might give them a rest for 6 months as I am having trouble finding the time to read them. I know this should come into me time but there are quite a few books I want to read too and there are just not enough hours in the day.

Did anyone see Biggest Loser on Monday night (what a silly question). Isnt Wal a spunk. Cant wait for when they all come back at the end to see how far they have progressed. I reckon if either Shane or Adro fall beneath the yellow line tonight they are gone. The girls have formed a strong alliance and I feel that they will be the final three - the guys have let themselves become outnumbered and therefore left themselves open for elimination. Kristy has immunity, Fiona has a 1kg advantage and they are very protective of Ruth. Cant wait to see their weights this week although someone has put on weight this week (I think I saw that in the promo).

Made Mary's Tomato and Basil pasta on Wednesday night as a side dish and it was well received. Nice change from noodles, potato or rice as the carb part of their meals.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefullying this post will publish. Something strange is happening to my blog lately but it may only be on my end.


  1. WOW Julie. What a great post. Let's see if I remember everything LOL

    - Congrats on your loss. 1kg is brilliant.
    - Bugger about your foot. I think you will have to discover ways of moving that takes the pressure off your legs. Perhaps swimming? or some form of aqua work perhaps.
    - Great attitude re the family. If you can't fuel the gossip you aren't contributing to it and that is the first step to a solution. It sounds difficult too. I must get that book and read it - it sounds like it could be just the thing I need.
    - Your daughter sounds like a caring soul. Good on her. Too many people turn their backs and she is opening her arms. What a lovely person.
    - Hope all the tests come back positive but still scare Mark enough to eat better.

    Have a lovely weekend and whilst Nordic Walking is out for you young lady we will have to work out a plan to catch up. xx

  2. I dislocated my shoulder once kick boxing. Ouch! However after around 10 days I was as good as new. Hopefully he will too.


    Hang In There!


  3. Hi!
    This is my 1st visit- found you thru Phil's blog! Just wanted to say congrats on the loss and HI!

    from Ash

  4. Well done on the loss! LOL and you finished walking France hey, love it :-) Great to hear you tried the pasta too, I think it's a good one for a simple night. And Big Wal, wow. I can't wait to see how they all look at the end. I'm kind of over the show mainly because of what they focus on, I want more exercise/food tips, but I do make sure I watch Friday and Monday episodes. I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  5. Great loss Julie!! Great news about Jess! Good luck for husbnad's results.

    As M suggested maybe try aqua for your foot - I went back just weeks after breaking an ankle - a non weight-bearing exercise could be helpful.

    Good on you for chilling out about your famliy - life is too short for that.

  6. Congratulaions on your loss - you are doing great!! Don't let your family get to you:)

    Wal looks great - did you see ruth last night? She is looking great too:)

  7. Well done on the loss!
    That's fantastic!

    I can understand you being apprehensive about your dear daughter. It is a very noble profession though.

    Hope your DS gets on OK with his shoulder. How awful!

    Hope your DH's tests are OK.
    Guess it will take some time for your poor foot to be right. You are certainly having your share of problems lately!
    You are still smiling in your photo though, so that's good!
    Take care xx

  8. Well done on the loss. Have been reading blogs but haven't had a chance to comment for a while.
    Hope things are OK with you - take care and have a great week !