Friday, April 07, 2006


Wasnt all doom and gloom last night. Lost 100g which was better than staying the same (only just) or gaining (definitely).

Want to get back in the 63kgs because I then wont have to pay WW anymore as I will be in my goal weight range for Weight Watchers although not in my personal goal weight range which is a bit lower.

Big weekend coming up - may go to pub tonight to watch rugby but it starts at 5:30pm so may not make it on time and I really need to catch up with paperwork at home. I actually think that there are a few bills that I have not paid due to lack of time (I know that is not an excuse). I remember when I was younger that pay day was a big thing but I suppose that is one of the bonuses of growing older and having less money hassles, paydays come and go now virtually unremembered. This of course will change once we become pensioners and need to worry about money again.

Saturday is the last tai chi lesson for the term. This terms form has been rain and it has been a short sequence of movements but a bit tricky with lots of turning. When I practise the children think I'm cute (I think they are humouring me). The movements still dont come naturally and are a bit stilted as I have to think what I am doing but grace will come eventually I hope.

After tai chi may go into gym to have breakfast with Saturday morning ladies. I only know their first names and have known them for about six months, but I really enjoy their company between tai chi and pilates when we have breakfast.

No pilates this week as I am off the see Dusty at the Star City Casino (at least I think that is where it is at). Some girlfriends organised it and we are going to the matinee and then afterwards catching a ferry from Darling Harbour around to the Quay to meet the menfolk for dinner. They opted not to come to Dusty - a move that they may come to regret as I am sure that we will not be able to get the songs out of our minds and will be singing them for weeks to come.

Planning on getting stuck into the garden again on Sunday plus a trip out to Swanes at Dural, if I have time, to buy a few more plants to replace the ones that didnt survive summer. I love garden centres - they make me all enthused and this is a really big one.

Autumn is here in Sydney. The humidity is gone, the nights are cool. Daylight saving has ended and my body clock has gone back to normal - all's right with the world.

Hope everyone is enjoying this magic time of year - my favourite (just in case you didnt realise it).

Only four more working days (after today) before school holidays start and I get to sleep in (kind of) for two whole weeks. Big cleaning out plans afoot concentrating on my bedroom and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit me or I havent worn for a while. Hopefully I can talk DH into repainting that room too. If not I think it is time to call in the painters. Ive never known a man to procrastinate as much as he does - we are in the beginning of buying a new TV and DVD recorder but this will take months of research. Not me, I would have bought it last weekend when we visited the Sony shop.

Oh, have worked out my problems with my blog. Just cleared the cache and it is all good now. Thank goodness for blogger help.

O-oh spoke to soon. I have had to save this as a word document as it seems to be trying to disconnect me (or it might be those government nerds).

Have a great weekend


  1. A loss is a loss. Enjoy Dusty. I went to it a few weeks ago. It is actually quite a sad show. Like you I find gardening rejuvenating for the soul. Unfortunately we seem to have skipped autumn and gone straight to winter so my garden is very neglected.

  2. As Michelle said - a loss is a loss - well done:)

    Enjoy the show and have a great weekend:)

  3. I love Autumn. When the kids let me sleep I have such good ones LOL.

    Well done on your loss. You are so close to you goal now that you will feel like you are working so hard for it. That gardening you have planned should help move things along.

    Have fun on your night out. I love girly nights like that. And as a punishment for the men-folk for not going I vote that you make them learn the words and sing with you. Should make for some fun family entertainment LOL

    Have a great weekend :D

  4. Congrats on your loss!!

    I have been watching the show on abc that has been going through the auditions and rehersals it is great, now I want to go see Dusty too:)

  5. I wouldn't sneeze at any loss - well done! If being absent has made me realise one thing, it's that small losses are nothing to look down upon. Since I've been away even the slowest of losers have made significant progress and it's fantastic!

    Your waxing lyrical about autumn made me smile; I agree completely. Our air con is back collecting dust on the balcony, soups are not far off being on the menu and every so often the doona gets pulled up on the bed - it's lovely. I really miss the definite change of seasons one experiences in Victoria so clutch onto every small signifier here.

    Hope you have a blast at Dusty and be sure to let those fellas know exactly what they missed out on.

    Garden centres are like hardware stores: so much potential. Other than our jungle of balcony greenery, I stick to growing herbs, chilli and rocket and we eat something we've grown every day.

    Oh! And I have a way you can get your husband to get a move on re the TV. Get Bang & Olufsen and Loewe to send you catalogues, circle a few of the pricier models and leave it somewhere he'll see it. Bet you get a new TV within the week. Re the painting, start doing it yourself and he will take the job off you so that "it's done properly". I would arrange the TV first so you have a nice, crisp picture to watch while he paints ;o)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have now had a bit of a read of yours - sounds like we've got one or two things in common and we're at a fairly similar stage of our lives - it's a good one I reckon. Look forward to continuing to catch up with what you're up to.

  7. Back again - was interested in your walking stats and followed the link to Walking with Attitude. What's your thoughts - has it been worth joining. It sounds to me like it might give me the boost to increase my walking even more. Did Walk around Queensland last year with a team from work and really enjoyed that.