Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Soppy Stuff

Just a short one, hear me Julie, a short one.

I read everything that comes my way - the newsletters from Weight Watchers in both Australia and USA, magazines, newspaper articles etc etc. Looking for that slight edge that will help me make sense of what I am trying to achieve.

But really, the most help comes from fellow bloggers. You are not experts but ordinary people (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) who are trying to achieve the same things that I am trying to achieve.

You all inspire me, I would miss you if you werent there anymore. You provide so many wonderful ideas, recipes and of course the all important motivation to keep going. Any problems - you help solve them, questions - the answer is usually there next time I look

I cant believe how lucky I was to find this medium to correspond with some really remarkable women (thanks M, you were the first one I found and it has grown from there).

I know some of you are talking about taking a break and I know that you are entitled to do this but please do not underestimate the impact that you have on others.

In other words, you guys really rock and my world would be less without you and no matter how many articles I read or television shows I watch nothing could possibly replace you.


  1. I agree totally - blogging and the support of fellow bloggers (ya yas) has been the biggest thing in keeping me going. Sometimes it just seems too hard, but it's great to know we are never alone and others out there understand.

  2. ohhhh shucks..makes me feel good. Have to say I agree with you. I look forward each day to find that someone thinks I am worth reading and commenting on and/ reading other peoples journeys with their ups and downs and feeling reassured that I am not alone or a freak in my own journey.

  3. I agree - we have quite a little network going here...

  4. Oh thanks Julie! We love to catch up with your news too.
    I agree that our blogging network has played a very important part in keeping me on the straight and narrow maintining my weight.
    It is great to "talk" to all kindred spirits.

  5. I have to agree with the others - I am sure that if it wasn't for the support that I have received through this medium, I would have ballooned back to where I started (and probably plus more !!!) - it is good to find that others have similar ups and downs and that we are not alone in this journey.
    Have a great week and take care !

  6. Let's hear it for Julie - putting into words something that so many of us feel. Bloggers rule!

  7. I love that you have called us yaya's - just noticed that for the first time tonight. Thanks for those lovely words and I echo them wholeheartedly.

    I could never in my wildest dreams have expected the support from this sort of community. I feel closer to some people here than I have been able to feel for people in my real life who have never been through this weight loss experience.

    So thank you for your story, and your posts, and your inspirations. It is all a wonderful part of my day :D

    Hope you have a magical Easter xx

  8. Happy Easter!



  9. WHOO HOO! Bloggers sure are a wealth of "real" information and a super support network :-)