Saturday, April 15, 2006

Goal reached!

Funny thing happened this week. I got back into the range for my Weight Watchers gola weight. I lost 1.2 kgs this week.

Now how I lost it I will have not idea. My points were way over, I have not exercised at all because of my back being so sore (am back at physio again so hopefully that will get better soon but it is a slow process). Admittedly I did try to reign in the point overload during the last 3 days.

Anyway my WW weight is 63kgs - I would like it to be a little less but the good news is that if I keep it under 64 kgs I dont have to pay. So that should be another incentive.

So far Easter has been horrendous points wise and I have even got to Easter Sunday yet!

On the home front, Mum has announced she is moving to Queensland to be near my eldest sister which should be good for her. Whether it actually happens or not only time will tell. She rang to tell me on Thursday all excited and then rang back yesterday stressed out. I think that this may be one of her "tyre kicking" exercises (she used to drag us around looking at houses she had no intention of buying, for something to do) that has now progressed too far, or further than she intended it to progress, and she cant back out of it without looking foolish. ES will be good for her as, while ES is very active, she will be able to monitor Mum herself and not have to rely on us. Hopefully Mum will settle down and behave when she gets up there. If not ES will know first hand what we have been going through. Seems to be happening really quickly. Should know on Tuesday if house offer has been accepted and then Mum will send up cheque and the legal things will be completed and Mum will be off.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that all goes to plan.


  1. Congrats on reaching your goal! Fantastic news - and wish I know how you did it!!

  2. I have enjoyed your blog. I am however taking a break from blogging.

    Have A Great Summer!


  3. Well done on reaching your goal, especially at this time of year!

    Hope it all works out well with your Mum.

  4. Don't tell me that you haven't been eating or exercising and got to goal - tell me that you have been working your butt off! Seriously, congratulations! You should put the WW money saved each week and get yourself something nice when it builds up a bit. Not that you shouldn't/couldn't get yourself something otherwise, but this would be symbolic of your maintaining. Well done!

    Re your mother, are you sure you're not my dad's sister??! My Nanna's latest is that when she dies she wants to leave her house to her boarder. A 22yo Indian student and the very same man we suspect of being behind the mysterious disappearance of all her china and crystal. It would have been better if went with her last idea and moved to India ("people respect their elders there"). Good luck with QLD, fingers crossed it all happens for you.

  5. Well done for getting back in your goal weight range! That's awesome, especially with the kind of week you've had. I hope you had a nice Easter :-)