Wednesday, April 19, 2006

City to surf

Made a decision this morning. Am going to enter the City2Surf this year. I havent done it since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arithritis but except for the back am feeling really good at the moment. Registration is in June so have a bit of time up my sleeve to drop the final 3 or 4 kilos to my own goal weight, build up my strength and get prepared to start the 10 week training program. It will only be the Fun program and I will probably walk the course rather than run it but all going well I will be there.

My back is feeling better after 3 physio visits and am now doing stretching and strengthening exercises one to two times a day. Taking it slowly with no gym, pilates, tai chi, yoga or balance.

Have cleaned out under my bed of the bags of clothes (they are now all in the family room)and boxes of teddy bears. Have made the difficult decision to send my teddy bears to Lifeline or somewhere. They are just taking up room at the moment and I am sure that there are small children out there who would love them as much as I do. The clothes are even harder. I didnt realise I have so many tops. The throw out pile is small, the charity pile is small and the stay pile is growing daily. Am going to go through it again today to try to be a bit more ruthless.

Had vacuumed under our bed as best I could and when Mark came home from work he and Gareth actually moved the bed and vacuumed where I could not reach for which I am really thankful.

Ironing lady's husband came last night and picked up the excess ironing which was once again a great relief and I am going to try to contact someone today about helping me clean the house. This should give me more time out in the garden (where I want to be on the weekends we are home).

Hope everyone is enjoying their short week. The weather is glorious.


  1. Really great that you are feeling so good at the moment. I think it's fantastic taking on the challenge of The City to Surf. Good luck with the training!!!

  2. So glad to hear your back is feeling better and that you feel good enough to take on City2Surf.
    Congratulations on the clean up - know how difficult it is to be as ruthless as we should. Watched 'What not to wear' on Easter Monday and came to the realisation that I have a lot of stuff in my wardrobe that I shouldn't!!! Enjoy your weekend

  3. In case I forgot to tell you last comment, whooo hoooo on doing the C2S. We must make sure to look out for each other. I am going to do it on my own so there is no pressure to go faster or slower and if I fall over on the side of the road, there will be noone I know to laugh at me, but it would be cool if we saw each other at the end to say "yippeeee we made it!"

  4. Good on you for deciding to do the City to Surf and an ironing lady huh, got me thinking ;-)

  5. Well done on your decision to do the C2S. I did it last year and it was absolutely awesome!!! I didn't really train too hard and in saying that really didn't find it as difficult as I thought it would be. I just took my time and the whole aim was just to complete it and I did. I'm only disappointed that I cannot do it this year. Don't think it's something a 38 week pregnant woman should be doing LOL!! XX