Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Or should I say durr.

Took my measurements the other night and realised that the measurements I showed in my side bar were for inches not cms. Think I have converted and corrected. People must have thought I had the measurements of Minnie Mouse. Or, if nobody noticed disregards the above confession.

Secondly, thought I would activate plan manager in etools and took the quiz. It has automatically lowered my points to 18 a day rather than the 20 I was claiming. I actually knew that I should only be having 18 but I was working on the tried and true formula that if nobody else knew then it didnt count.

I think that this week may be a baaaad week, weigh-in wise. I was over to start with so heaven knows what the end result is going to be.

I dont seem to be able to check my blog at work anymore. I have a feeling we have gone over to "secure internet" whatever that is and my blog is not showing any updates since 17 March at work but at home it is okay. I also cant read recent comments. Curse you government nerds. As a result I am having trouble keeping up to date with the ya yas but I will soldier on grabbing any spare seconds I have a home to check up on you all.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Back after weigh-in.


  1. Good luck at weigh in. Don't fret if the scales are unkind. You have been doing so well it will continue.

  2. Will it let me comment - hope so!! Thanks for your nice comments on my last post. No way you look scrawny, your Mum's probably just jealous!!!
    Hope your weigh in is not as bad as you think.

  3. I weigh in, in two days. Please cross your fingers, toes, legs, ...for me.


  4. Best of luck with your weigh in:)

    Shame about losing those two points a day!

  5. Anybody ever compared you to an ostrich? Hehe :-}