Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last post (not literally)

Well this will probably be my last post until after operation (God this has been a long time coming).

Returned to work on Tuesday for four days (1 day to go) and has it been hard getting there. On Tuesday I got up at 6, Wednesday, 6.15 and today 6.30. It is so hard but I am past caring and once I get there I am fine. It has kept my mind off the pain and, even though I thought everything was uptodate I have been so busy.

Yesterday, when I went for my monthly blood test I happened to meet Jess for coffee near the Freedom Home store and bit the bullet and ordered the two ivory leather armchairs that I have been coveting for so long. Sent Mark an email so that he has a few days to think about it before I see him.

He will be home tomorrow. Lucy and I have missed him so much. Got an email this morning (not sure whether it was his time or my time) saying he was in London awaiting his flight home via Bangkok. They had better not off load him.

Gareth rang today to tell me how awesome (his words) he is. Just got his latest uni assessment/assignment back and he got a high distinction. Both the kids have got their rudd money or as they put it "have been stimulated". Jess is heading to IKEA to buy new furniture for her home office.

Not a lot to say today. Boring things to do like ironing, tidying house etc and early to bed.

Have a great weekend and keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Fingers crossed all goes well for you:-) Take care!

  2. Hope it all went well yesterday - thought of you several times. Now for something to do to ease the boredom... ha ha - I've tagged you - see my latest post. Take care Zxx

  3. I hope it went well. Recover, recover, recover.

  4. Hope all went well...thinking of you.