Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another achievement

Great excitement yesterday. Finally figured out how to insert the weather pixie. It was touch and go for a while with just gobbleygook on my blog but eventually got there. Yay for me the computer illiterate.

Now to try to learn how to insert photos in post:

Well that wasnt too hard. This is my beloved LUCY. She is my third child (please dont be too harsh on me for saying that but she is such good company and rarely leaves my side when I am at home).

In US WW there was an article about 12 ways to be healthier by This Time Next Year. So I thought I would address these things now.

1. Get your cholesterol tested - Do that every month when I have to have blood tests done to make sure that my arthritis medication isnt attacking my liver. So far so good.
2. Power up the diet with produce - Something to concentrate on more this year.
3. If you smoke, quit - Dont do this anymore but it has only been 12 years since I did. Hope I stopped soon enough.
4. Take aim at breast cancer - Remember to peform a monthly breast self examination.
5. Go with whole grains - explore new ways to incorporate whole grains in my diet.
6. Seek out soy foods - Not too sure about this one. Dont mind tofu but dont really like soy milk but may revisit it again to see if anything has changed since I last tasted it.
7. Limit drinking - Now this will be a hard one. I would like to eliminate it altogether but unfortunately I think I like it too much. What the Journal of American Medical Association says - women who consume two to five drinks a day increased their risk of breast cancer by 41 percent. Excessive alcohol may also increase your risk of colon and rectal cancer as well as stroke, osteoporosis, liver damage and creeping blood pressure. Now if that doesnt scare me nothing will.
8. Talk to your doctor about getting tested for type 2 diabetes - I have been as Mum is a Type 2 diabetic (and this has been caused by purely lifestyle i.e. overweight) but I wonder how often you should have this checked.
9. Boost your brain power. If you work with numbers at your job spend your spare time doing something completely different, such as reading, writing or painting - Have found that the crosswords I started doing this time last year have seemed to help me with the vagueness and loss of memory that started a couple of years ago. Plan to attempt (attempt being the operative word) to learn french beginning Term 2.
10. Right-size your portion sizes - Once a week I will get out measuring cups and scales to make sure that my portion sizes are not creeping up. Plus if I use the same bowls etc that would probably help me gauge these things.
11. Take a calcium supplement - I do this now.
12. Keep stress at bay - Will try to schedule 20 mins a day down time (dont quite know how but will try).

Okay that's it. I'm off to try and work out how to change the font size and maybe the colour of this blogsite but dont hold your breath this could take a while. Also may begin my exploration of digital scrapbooking.


  1. awww Lucy is gorgeous...she looks like she might just know it too ;)

    I'm going to limit my drinking this year (just because I write this while drinking a glass of wine doesn't mean I don't mean it!)

    Congratulations on giving up smoking Julie, I did it 6 years ago and it was very hard.

    I am too scared to try soy but love tofu.

  2. Lucy is so cute! I have a furbaby, Oscar that never leaves my side...much to the annoyance of hubby...LOL Noticed that you're gonna give digiscrapping a know where to find me if you need a hand!

  3. Your puppy is so cute!
    Good on you for trying new things:)

  4. Lucy is a cutie-pie. Thanks for sharing the WW list - I've noted down a few things to get on to.

  5. Oh how cute! She is adorable!
    Looks like a very sensible list from WW. My cholesterol has improved SO much since changing my eating habits. I love whole grains now. I still love my drink (or 2) of alcohol but it doesn't seem to be hurting me too much. I have also tried not to stress as much - this is a difficult one.