Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day One Completed

I completed the first day of No Count and dont think I went too badly. There are some questions I have to ask like do the WW frozen meals still fit into the guidelines for the No Count plan? Might email them and see if I can get an answer as wont be back at meeting for a while due to holidays.

Tonight will be a test as a girl friend and her hubby are coming up for dinner and bringing it with them. So I will just have to be really careful about what I eat but it shouldnt be too hard as I know she is very careful too most of the time.

I actually drank more than the 6 glasses of water yesterday which was quite an achievement for me because waterdrinking at home is not my strong point. I'm much better at work.

Feel my foot is getting better daily although I have done a few stupid things which I hope wont impact on its healing. I've forgotten three times and stood up and put weight on it, I fell off a chair the other night over-reaching for something (much hiliarity as Mark tried to help me up) and because when Im hot in bed I dangle my feet out the side, Gareth came into the bedroom the other morning and walked straight into it. I think that produced the most pain yet but I really don't think any of those things have caused any damage. Time will tell.

I must be off, have to work out how to get the dirty clothes from the bedroom to the laundry and washed. More logistics to plan. Then have to co-erce daughter into hanging it out. Now that will be the hard part.


  1. Hey Julie! I remember our WW leader saying something about the WW frozen meals not included in the no count plan...don't quote me though!

    Had to giggle about you forgeting about your foot and putting weight on it...hubby did that this morning with his broken ankle...gee, some colourful words came out of his mouth!

  2. Good to see people trying the No Coint. I got to goal on the Points plan so I probably won't try No Coint but it'll be interesting to see how you go. Well done on the water drinking too. I find it hard at times but I have to keep reminding myself why it's good. I still need a dash of ribena or something in it. Hope the dinner went well!?

  3. Ouch! It must be so hard to be so careful of your foot.
    Well done on the water front. I am sure it makes a difference.

  4. Thanks for the update on No Count - it will be interesting to see how you cope with dinner. When I was on crutches a couple of years back I used to put stuff in a backpack to carry it around the house - maybe you could try that with the washing?

  5. Good Morning Julie. Have just done a quick catch up and had to laugh at you falling off your chair. Ouch. Wouldn't think you have done any damage at the moment but you really must keep your weight off it. (even as it gets lower :D )

    It's great that you like your ww leader. It makes it so much easier to want to go to the meetings, and stay and learn from them. No count sounds really interesting. I am going to do a few weeks of points - just to get back in the habit, then start to learn about no count. I have been sent some great info so have plenty to read.

    Have a wonderful day Julie :D