Monday, January 30, 2006

First Day Back

First day back at work today and really feeling it. Legs are really sore from I dont know what (couldnt be pilates - I think they were starting to be sore before that). Have developed a limp even though foot isnt really sore which has thrown my back out. Finally gave in around lunchtime and took some digestics which has helped the pain somewhat.

Am giving the gym a miss today and will see how I feel tomorrow.

DH keeps saying "dont overdo it" but it is so nice to have some independence back again.

Work is chaos due to offices being refurbished. Of course the electricians didnt turn up today as requested. Cant find anything and really was feeling stressed and out of control on the inside although I dont think I showed it on the outside.

Found a sort of 12 week plan from Discovery Health (Dr Peeke).

Week One is:
1. Get 200-300 calories of physical activity each day.
2. Write progress down in food journal and physical activity journal.
3. Choose one thing to change this week.
4. Take action today.
5. Dont rely on scales. Use your clothes to monitor body shape changes.
6. Try not to leave more than 3 to 4 hours between eating.
7. Change unhealthy habits gradually.
8. Take it easy on the exercise to start with.
9. Watch out for perfectionism.
10. Set up a support system.

I really wish there was a patch for my problem but I bet, so do a lot of other people. It would make it so easy.

Really hot today but now I am home there is a nice breeze blowing from the east. Children are all going away this week. DD to Byron Bay for 10 days and DS to Canada/Alaska for 3 weeks. This means that DH and I will have a minimum of 9 days child-free. Something that we havent experienced for a long long time. Yahoo.
Off to have a swim and start dinner.

No matter how hot it is the baked dinner still happens every Monday night. I think I am turning into my mother-in-law! I wish.

For anyone interested - I have seen promos that the West Wing is coming to the ABC. Bliss. Hope that they show it at a normal time, no commercials (of course) and I dont even mind if they start at the beginning (although I have Series One on DVD) again. Channel 9 just didnt care when they showed it and even when I tried to tape it because it was on so late the program before usually was late finishing so I always missed the end.

Just one more observation - I went for a limp (I mean walk) on Saturday afternoon with Lucy and DH decided to come with me. Guess who had to hold the leash? which left me with the plastic bag. It got me thinking that it is a male thing or maybe just my males' thing - when the children were little DH had to push the stroller/pram or even now when we are shopping he pushes the trolley. I have started to notice that my DH is not the only male who does this.

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  1. You take it easy on your leg young lady. You don't want to have to go back on the crutches. Slowly slowly will see you sprinting in no time at all.

    Bliss - 9 days child free. You don't want it to be forever but that amount of time will seem like the best holiday.

    LOL at getting at patch for what we need. Sometimes I still wish there was a magic potion but most of the time I only wish for fat free chocolate. LOL.

    Hope you have a great day :D