Monday, January 09, 2006

We are going on a summer holiday.....

Well this will be my last post for a while. We are off tomorrow, heading towards the Gold Coast and my best friends place so probably wont have time to do anything although I am planning on taking my laptop with me and see if I can connect. Sad isnt it. At least I think we are leaving tomorrow. DH is so hard to get to make concrete plans it drives me (the control freak) batty.

Friends came down for drinks last night and it was really funny. They were both on diets and didnt want any nibblies. Mark brought the nibblies out but he was the only one who ate them. I drank diet lemon, lime and bitters, Deb drank water (she is detoxing) and her hubby is allowing himself to drink beer on only one night a week - Sunday.

My foot is becoming really itchy under the bandages so just rang the surgeon to make sure it was okay to take the bandages off and it is. Another step closer. This Thursday it will be 4 weeks since I had the op so I can start putting my foot down and 50% weight bearing on it. Havent quite worked out what that means yet but I know it still means using the hated crutches.

DD started her new job today. We just kept out of her way as she is not a morning person and a 7.30 am start is definitely not the norm for her. Hope everything is going well for her. Unfortunately it is raining so unless this new centre has undercover play areas the children will be inside and she will come home suffering from cabin fever.

This holiday is the first really big outing for the new car. It has been to Canberra to pick up DS when he dislocated his shoulder snowboarding and to the Hunter a few times but it is the first time we have taken it so far from home for so long. We usually fly to Gold Coast because I am such a horrendous traveller (even without a sore foot) but DH wanted to drive so here we go. Am taking pillows, etc with me so that I can get comfortable. Sleeping pills probably wouldnt go astray either.

I will miss you all and I know it will take me forever to catch up with you but I will. Take care and I'll be back in about 12 days.


  1. Hope your DD had a not too stressful day at work! Gosh, I know what it's like when it's raining and my 4 babes have to stay inside...LOL
    Have a wonderful time at the Gold Coast Julie....stay safe!

  2. Have a great holiday!

  3. Have a great holiday Julie! Looking forward to catching up with you when you get back!

  4. Have a lovely holiday Julie! Hope your foot is OK. Take care.

  5. Have a fantastic holiday. You deserve some relaxation time!! XX

  6. Enjoy! Report when you return.Tell us all about it.

  7. Hope you both have a great time:)

  8. Hope your having a brilliant time :)

  9. Hi Julie
    Hope you are having a great holiday. My best friend has a stress fracture in her foot and has been on crutches for 6 weeks so I know a little bit of what you are going through. Take care.