Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Plotting and Planning

Well, I am getting excited. Planning to return to WW tomorrow night and believe me it is like planning a military maneouvre. Am going to get Jess to drop me as new as possible to meeting which is unfortunately in the middle of a shopping centre. Will wait, sitting somewhere, for her to park the car and come back to get me and then onwards to WW. Getting on the scales will be tricky but with a little help I should be able to manage it if someone will hold my crutches while I balance.

A few peoples posts have mentioned books by A.J. Rochester and I looked up her web site and they do look interesting if a slightly scarey account of her life. Found that the local library has a copy of two of her books and have reserved them. Really appreciate alll the new things I find out in everyones posts.

(Black cockatoos are flying over at the moment - isnt that a mournfal cry.)

Jess and I have decided to learn French in Term 2. We cant do it in Term 1 as she will be away on holidays for 2 weeks and didnt want to pay for lessons she couldnt use so looks like Term 2. If it eventuates, it will be good to have someone to practise with.

Have been busy lately getting everything organised for this year. Our rugby tickets for the Waratahs have arrived and the dates have been duly entered in my diary. I have booked my tickets for the Bell Shakespeare's two performances this year - Romeo and Juliet in June/July and The Tempest in September/October. Because I go by myself (took Mark once - never again) am going to a matinee and for the first time am going to go on a Wednesday rather than my usual Saturday as I can go in the school holidays. Will book myself in for Tai Chi tomorrow, lessons start on 11 February.

Have decided that when I am up and around again and return to the gym, I will probably hire a personal trainer to get me going again. Have to ring the gym today and find out what costs are involved and minimum time I can do this. One of Jess's friends is a PT at my gym so I will probably ask for her. It depends on the cost though.

Today is cool and lovely (except the cricket is late again starting). Have just about finished January BIG crosswords and puzzles that have to be posted. My sister who has just given up work doesnt have the internet at home so I have been able to supply her with some answers that she couldnt find in her reference books. I love google.

Im home alone today - Mark has gone to work, Gareth's shoulder is better and he too has returned to work and Jess and her friends have driven to Anna Bay for the day to visit another friend who is on holidays there.

Hope everyone is looking forward to 2006 as much as I am.


  1. Glad you have a mission organised. Had to laugh though at your confessions about Oprah (at least it's not Jerry Springer!!). Thanks for your support and hopefully I can be there to offer you just as much as you begin your new journey. I so reckon PT's are worth the money especially if you find a good one. It doesn't have to be a long term thing just to get you back on track and start rebuilding your fitness etc. I definately plan on getting one after the pregnancy to kick start my weight loss once again. XX

  2. You sound so revved up for this year. Everyone is contagious with motivation this year. We are all going to reach our goals.

    Look forward to reading your future posts!!


  3. Good luck at getting back to ww! Hope you are off those crutches soon!
    I have not been to AJ's website - hope you enjoy the books:)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Hope you are on the road to a speedy recovery. Must be a "pain" to be on crutches. Just read your post about Oprah and have to tell you I agree with you. She is absolutely amazing and must be one of the most compassionate and caring people alive.

  5. good luck with your weigh in...!

  6. I had a personal trainer for two years. Wow at what I learnt from her.

    You go girl!


  7. Hope your WW return goes well. My Hurricanes tickets have just arrived, so we'll be able to spend the Super 14 seeing how we go against each other - especially as we both support teams that love to break our hearts!


    Hi Julie

    Follow the link above and it will take you to a section of AJ's book.

    I have both books and regularly refer back to them for motivation and information.

    Hope it helps