Friday, January 06, 2006

Starting again

The good news is that I havent put on as much weight as I thought I had. It took forever to get me to the meeting and it was raining lightly as well so there was the worry that the crutches would slip but we made it. You should have seen the look on the leaders face as she saw me hobble in. The weigh-in was achieved although I could not keep still while balancing so the scales did not lock in the weight.

Anyway I really enjoyed the meeting. The leader is really nice and friendly - probably the nicest one I have ever met and I have met a few over the years. Received my first handbook, passport and leaflet and stayed for the meeting. It was really friendly and they have a lot of fun. Even ran into an old friend from Jess's primary school days who was looking great. All in all the hour (actually over an hour as we were there 10 mins early) just flew and left feeling quietly confident that I can do it this time.

After reading the books have decided to try the "No Count" this week as I think that would be easiest for me until I'm up and around. I dont mind eliminating foods completely and if I do I can always taste them in the 21 extra points I get a week. Seems too easy for me so Im a bit cautious.

Have reset my ticker and my stats. This is probably cheating a bit but have decided to have a completely new start. Unfortunately we are going away next week to Main Beach so wont be able to weigh in again until beginning February unless I can find a meeting up there and Mark doesn't mind taking me - no probably too hard.

Managed to change the font size in the sidebar (may have made it too small). Its a start. Am trying something in this post so we will see if it works.

Oh joined e-tools too. Havent had time to explore it but will over the next two weeks during the 14 day free trial period. Didnt realise that I needed an access code to log on (wondered how it happened) and was supposed to get that off my Leader so I rang WW and explained that I was going on holidays and wouldnt see my leader for a couple of weeks and wanted to use it while I was away and they were very helpful.

Have made a new email address for bloggers and weight watchers so if anyone wants to email me, feel free. Its in my profile.

In reply to some comments - Yes Lucy knows she is gorgeous and runs the family accordingly and
Sue, will look forward to sharing the rugby with you this year. Hope the Hurricanes have a good year but not too good. I agree that both our teams have disappointed us in the past although we nearly got there last year. I was so cross with them after a game a couple of years ago that they had led by over 20 and still managed to lose, that when I got home I emailed them and using Mark's words told them "to go and have a good look in the room of mirrors". LOL.

In my links (in the sidebar) a new blog has been set up that could be useful - its Thanks Mary for this info.

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Good on you for starting again Julie! It makes a huge difference when the leader is motivating and inspiring and the meetings are fun! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you are all organised to make a fresh start. Glad your leader is nice. It will be interesting to see how NoCount goes for you.

  3. hey there, thanks for visiting my blog...sounds like u have jumped on the winners wagon...we will all make...i'm not leaving ne behind (hope its not be being laggy at the back :P)