Saturday, January 04, 2014

Friday and I can't publish this from my ipad

Lucy standing in the garden.  I saw her and she very kindly reposed herself after I went in to get the camera.  She looked so sweet standing in front of the roses.

We don't have all that many roses left anymore.  I find them hard to garden around but I do love them.
I need to spend more time looking after them.  The weather here is not all that conducive to roses even if the soil is.  As it gets more humid the black spot really kicks up a level.  I need an attack plan for their care and upkeep.

Went to the gym this morning.  I love not going to work.  Making the decision to go to the gym, when it is not after work, is a no brainer.

It is another hot day and there is no rain in sight which is a good things I suppose as the 5th Test started today.  Nice to have something to listen on the radio too again.

Now a quandary.  Mid way through last year we had a falling out with old friends of ours or really just with one out of a group of 4.

We didn't hear from them for 5 months and then the phone calls and emails started with invitations to "catch up".  I actually didn't want to go down that path again because this man makes me feel so bad but I was sort of bullied into a catch up for my birthday.  M seems to have conveniently forgotten that  it was him who pulled the pin on this friendship.  Anyway I got accused of being paranoid so I bit the bullet much against the advice of dear friends and we got together for my birthday.  I managed to get away with saying half a dozen words to this man and thought great that is it.   Then the invitations started arriving for drinks and dinner and parties etc etc etc.

I really don't want to get on that social treadmill again and I must admit that he is being very careful what he says to me but then he always was careful with his snide remarks and putdowns.  M never seemed to notice and I don't know whether that is just a man thing.

I was talking it over with a girl friend a couple of days ago and she had a similar problem with the same man and she just refuses point blank to go have anything to do with him.  Her husband stills sees him occasionally but she doesn't.  She understands but it doesn't really help because they are not in the same situation.

Anyway I don't know what to do.  M knows my feelings.  I wonder if he would go by himself?  Why can't these people leave me alone?  So many questions but no answers yet.

This is the photo I meant to insert the other day.  New Years Day (after midnight) 2014.  It is not a great photo and if I trawl through all the ones I took I am sure I can find a better one but I wanted to practise adding writing to photos.  Something I didn't know how todo.  Thank goodness for Google.

I am once again late publishing but for some reason I couldn't do it from my iPad.  Oh the joys of modern technology.

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