Monday, January 13, 2014

Out of Sync

I am feeling ill this morning.  My stomach is churning. It will pass I know.

It is 3 years since my back operation. Hasn't that time flown.  Anyway the neurosurgeon has sent me another questionnaire to complete.  He has sent them before and one of the questions is would you repeat this operation again and I think previously I have always answered no because even though without this operation I wouldn't have been able to continue working or anything else for that matter it was honestly the most traumatic operation I have ever had.

This time I wanted to answer maybe but since that wasn't available I answered yes.  I finally realise that I wouldn't be living the life I am living if I hadn't had this op and I know one day I will probably have to have another similar op in the future as my back joints are disintegrating.

Anyway, enough of this. Time to get up and go to the gym.  I will feel better when I do I know.

When I was watering the front pot plants something caught my eye.  On closer inspection I realised it was a cicada.  So many of them this year.  A couple of days later I had a chance meeting with another black cicada while I was hanging the washing out.  I thought it was a beetle but on closer inspection it was another one.  They are such exquisite insects and we have seen so many at close quarters this year.  When we were youngsters we used to have to climb trees to catch them but not this year (not that I would be climbing any trees at my age).

And talking about my age, I got all the way to opening the front gates on the way to the gym when I discovered that I had two different sneakers on.  M thought it was hysterical but I just sigh and realise that I maybe need a minder.

And last but not least the port wine magnolia is flowering again.  I walked out of the garage the other day and the perfume hit me.  Bliss.  This is a flower from one of the ones I struck.  Sorry it is a bit blurry but I hope to improve taking photos soon.  M has banned me from striking any more because we don't have room for them so I am going to try gardenias next.  The radicans type.

Have a good night.


  1. hehehe thought it was me that only did things like wearing 2 difference socks/shoes…or even a top inside out !!!

    1. I have done the top on inside out too but that was getting dressed in the dark and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!