Friday, January 03, 2014

This was Yesterday

Oft the colours are pitched so high
The deepest note is the cobalt sky;
We have to wait till the sunset comes
For shades that feel like the beat of drums -
Or like organ notes in their rise and fall -
Purple and orange and cardinal,
Or the peacock-green that turns soft and slow
To peacock-blue as the great stars show . . .

From a poem by Dorothea McKellar

I was looking for quote or a poem that described the light here.   I can't think clearly enough about how I could describe it so fell once more to our beloved poet Dorothea McKellar. We all learnt her poetry in school.  Her "My Country" is still remembered by most Australian school children of a certain age.

Today Lucy and I went walking under one of those cobalt skies. It was hot and humid and smokey. A scrub fire 30 Kms away maybe was the cause of the smoke.  It looked such a nice day so Lucy and I set out.  Big mistake! So burning hot and humid too. Anyway we soldiered on and when we finally staggered back in the door we turned the air conditioning on and collapsed.

The weather has cooled down slightly this afternoon with a bit of rain and maybe a wind change.

I actually got the box with all my irrigation spare parts in it out of the garage today.  Am slowly getting organised. Will measure out the gardens soon and make a shopping list.  I think what annoys me most is that this irrigation stuff used to be so easy and now I find it daunting and wonder how I did it.

All traces of Christmas disappeared today.  Everything fitted back in the boxes. It was probably the easiest disassemble I have ever done.

I went to the Reject SHop and bought those big striped bags with zippers to pack up my wardrobe so that M can start next stage of renovations - our bedroom.

And finally back to dieting.  I heard Wendy Harmer say this morning that the best diet she ever did was, I think, the Atkins diet. She lost 15 kilos. That is when I started yelling yes, but I bet you put 20 back on.  When are people going to realise that eating special meals or food, denying the things they love is something they can't sustain.  Dammit that was the life I lived and I speak from experience.

I have found that dairy brings a rash with it.  I love cheese to distraction but have had to swap it for soy cheese.  Not quite the same.   I can't drink tea anymore because I am not all that fond of soy milk and tea and black tea makes me nauseous.

Probably two years ago, I became as gluten free as I could. I still have gluten free breads etc but I try to eat whole foods as much as I can.  If this helps my rheumatoid and osteo arthritis I will continue on.  I love, again, pastry, fresh bread and things like that but if it gives me relief then I will continue.

I guess what I am trying to say, albeit very clumsily, eat less and move more which what M has been telling me for years.

 But as an aside, from my observations, exercise tones and makes you feel good but doesn't make an iota of difference to you weight.  How many times have you heard that exercise makes people more hungry. Don't stress, eat less - that's it.

(Must have forgot to push publish - what can I say, I'm old)

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