Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Day 2014

Well today is the first day of a bright shiny New year.

Last night was a relaxing night with dear friends.  We didn't quite make midnight but it was nice not to have that pressure but just to sit, relax and chat. Good food, good wine and good friends. Who could ask for more.

Today M has gone to golf and I am meeting friends at a local club for lunch. It overlooks the river and it is such a beautiful day. I will try and get a picture.  Driving myself there so no overindulging in wine which is a good thing.  That can wait until sundowners this afternoon when I get home. Not overindulging then either as it really doesn't agree with me.  Have you noticed how alcohol makes people aggressive?

Lucy is not thrilled. She is watching me get ready to go out with a sad look on her little face.  She just loves being with either of us. She has demolished my pillow arrangement on the bed as a sort of a silent protest. Now she is back to sulking.  I've noticed she no longer uses the long steps to the back deck. She walks around and uses the steps on the lower side.  She has always had problems with her patella which is apparently common but she doesn't seem to be in any pain (even when she dislocates it) and it would have slowed her down if we had had it operated on. This little dog loves to run with her ears flapping in the wind. Anyway, she is growing old as we all are. Just turned 10 last October. My the years have flown.

Back home after a lovely lunch. One glass of wine and mineral water. Duck with parsnip purée. Coffee. People I haven't seen in over a year. So nice.

Came home and Lucy and I walked. No little birds today but I saw the hawk which probably explains why there were no little birds. We normally see it around 5 pm and think of it as a kind of omen. It is so majestic as it soars above us looking for food.

Easy dinner tonight and early to bed I think.  Tired but happy.

I hope 2014 brings everyone their hearts desire. Now all the distractions of the holiday season have finally finished I can settle into some serious relaxation.

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