Saturday, January 04, 2014

I think it is true

I think it is true. When you are retired or maybe just a long holiday all the says are the same. Bliss!

Things I have learnt lately:

Don't set the coffee grinder on too fine. It just clogs the espresso machine.
Maybe if I heat my soy milk twice in the nespresso frother it will froth better.


Back on my diet rant my eldest sister told me last night that she had purchased one of those diet replacement supplement thingies and she was going to start it next week after she had gone out to lunch next Wednesday. Something give me strength.

Lucy loves her walk to such an extent that you cannot mention the fact that you maybe going because  she will go so excited and annoy the hell out of me.  I've taken to spelling the word walk but now she is starting to recognise my exercise clothes.  Me getting dressed in exercise clothes is now becoming a reason for great excitement.

Has anyone noticed the lack of real bookstores anymore.  I got really excited because a top notch bookstore was opening in the nearby shopping mall. What a disappointment. I was looking for a book of poetry and honestly they had 20 books top and no Australian poets.

This morning when we were walking we had an escort. A beautiful black and orange butterfly winged its way in front of us for quite a long distance. So special.

There also was a new weed.  Not a weed that I didn't know but I have pinpointed it.  It was Solanum Nigrum "black nightshade".  It is a common weed in the park.

The little birds came out again today to be with us as we walked. I think they are getting used to us.

I had more pictures but again I can't upload them via the ipad so I will lead with them next time.

House all nice and clean, shopping done. Woo hoo.
Another Saturday done and dusted. Goodnight.

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  1. My hubby loves retirement, just wish I could retire too…
    I am the same with you with bookstores…where are they all??