Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013

There will be no resolutions here.  I think I am too old to bother and I why should I set myself up to fail. Life is too short.

I am just wishing anyone who is still reading my wanderings a safe night and a may 2014 bring you your hearts desire.

Lucy and I walked this morning but not early enough.  Ran into so many people that I know and haven't seen for a while that the walk took near half as long again as usual. M thought I had been kidnapped but I did notice on my return that he wasn't panicking just wondering if he should have breakfast without me.

While walking we came upon the flock of fairy wrens who live in the tangle of bushes around the park. Can I just say how amazed I was at the courage of one of the Jenny wrens. She was doing the broken wing dance leading us away. There must have been little ones around. Lucy takes no notice of them or any of the birds down there. She knows she is not allowed to chase them.

Today is absolutely beautiful here. The sky is that particularly intense blue, sunlight is blindingly bright and clear and a cool breeze is playing gently with the garden bushes and trees.

All the preparation for tonight's BBQ is done. M has mowed the lawns and there is that gorgeous smell of new mown grass lingering in the air.  If I could here the click click of the sprinkler I really would believe it was summer.

The pains have subsided and I feel a bit better. Probably did too much yesterday which brought it all on but I am not going to live wrapped in cotton wool.

Anyway, Lucy and I might go and have a nap before our guests arrive.  I love being on holidays at home. A staycation I think they call it. No rushing or going out if I can help it.

I have some really great pictures to add here of the most beautiful city in the world at midnight on New Year's Eve and I can't get it to work again on the ipad.

Time for bed - Lucy is already dead to the world.

Happy New Years and much love and peace for everyone. xxx

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