Monday, January 13, 2014

Time is moving fast again

This post was written last week and has been sitting in the draft pile since.  I wanted to insert some photos and since I can't seem to do that on the iPad it had to wait until I got to the computer.

I can feel the holidays slipping away.  It has started to get busy and I am starting to feel annoyed and trapped.  That is a funny feeling isn't it?  At the start of the summer holidays it seemed like I had so much time and now I can feel it slipping away and I am starting to panic,

Today is a lot cooler than it has been. M has gone to golf and I am meeting some people for yum cha.
But the garden is calling.

M and I finally got to the hardware store yesterday.  We thought we would do the right thing a shop locally so visited a small local hardware shop that has been taken over by a larger chain but nonetheless it is the remaining hardware shop in the area.  All the others have closed over the past year.

I was so disappointed.  The shelves were virtually empty.  It looked like there had been a massive rundown sale and there was hardly anything left.  I got a few of the irrigation fittings I needed but not enough to finish one garden.  As we were leaving I said to M that I would drop him at home and drive to Bunnings but he said he would come too.

In short I think I got everything I needed plus some little plants which I hope I have time to plant today.  M wants to send the picture of my irrigation fittings to the first hardware store and let them know that I have more stuff then them.

I bought a punnet of petunias for the pool camellia garden.  It is a hard garden.  It is partially shaded by my beloved japanese maple and I had originally planted it out with agapanthus but after 15 years we realised that they were actually pushing the pool fence over so the laborious job of digging them out began.  We gave some ( as many as they wanted) to the local high school for their gardens and I have replanted sasanqua camellias in there which I must admit are struggling.  At one end is also a little patch of herbs which are thriving.  This year, between the camellias, I planted salvias but they too have struggled.  So hence the petunias and it's adios salvias.  (I left the salvias and hopefully the extra care the petunias are getting because they are new will help revive them.)  I am putting in an irrigation system and have to buy some lucerne to mulch so hopefully this garden will improve.

Time to get out my January gardening book to work out what I need to do this harsh, weather wise, month.

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