Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Live every moment and enjoy, these days come only once

Have changed things a bit since last time I checked in.  I was walking Lucy late morning or afternoon last week but the heat has been so debilitating that I now set the alarm for 6 and get up and walk her then.  

Lovely cool mornings with fog some days.  Looks quite ethereal.  Just floating above the ground.

Except this morning.  Since yesterday afternoon we have had this fine misting rain and that is what we had this morning when I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and walked outside.  Anyway it looks like we will have an afternoon walk again and hopefully it won't get too steamy.  At least I don't have to water the garden today.

We went to see "Saving Mr Banks" on the weekend.  It was a delightful movie and even M enjoyed it.  Apparently the girl who plays P.L. Travers as a young girl is the granddaughter of someone my sister plays bowls with.  We had dinner out afterwards and it was a lovely night.

I spent most of Sunday putting in another watering system in the Murraya hedge garden along the fence at the back of the pool.  This has been the hardest one to put in as the hedge is really well established and I felt a bit like the prince in Rapunzel having to slash my way through the bushes.  But I got it in in the end and I think they will be a lot happier with a regularly good soaking rather than the haphazard way I was watering them before.  M spent the day watching the cricket and would come out every now and then to see if I was alright.  At one stage he could only see my feet sticking out and was a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to get out.  I must say that the knee pads I bought from the nursery were a godsend and I was surprised that I wasn't as scratched as I thought I was going to be.

Yesterday I caught up with the ladies I used to do folk art with.  I have known them over 20 years and wish I could summon the energy to go out one evening a week but I just can't so I will have to make do with lunch every now and again.

I had another train ride today down to North Sydney to pick up my new prescription sunglasses.  Wayfarers this time and I love them so much.  I meant to get them last year but go waylaid by another pair that I haven't been happy with.  So now the balance has been restored.

I have a few garden type things to do this afternoon.  I have an English box that I have had for eons and trained into a heart shape but somehow I think it dried out last year - not quite sure how - and it has not recovered.  It is struggling along but I think the time has come for it to move on.  I am going to replace it with a japanese box this time and will post a picture when it is potted.  I think it will grow more quickly than the English box and is better suited for what I want.  Also I am impatient and want to get this sorted out asap.

I also bought another punnet of those petunias I bought a couple of weeks ago - Shock Wave Coral Crush.  So they have to go into the garden and I have to pinch out the dead flowers from the ones that I have already planted.

I realised that I hadn't finished staking up the orchids I repotted last week so that has to be done too.

After dinner tonight we have drinks with friends to celebrate a birthday.

Tomorrow is the zoo and high tea with J.  Thursday is lunch with M's brother and sister.  Friday is going to be my gardening day again and I will put in another system if I can but I need sunshine for that to help straighten out the hose.

Saturday is lunch with the ladies I used to do pilates with.  Sunday is Australia Day and we have been invited out.  It is up to M if he wants to go and then next Tuesday it is back to work.  That five weeks has gone in the blink of an eye and I am going to miss the sleep-ins.  Even on the days I walk Lucy I go back to bed when I get home and quite easily can go back to sleep.  This exhaustion that is on me is bone deep.

But first - walk Lucy.


  1. WOW - you certainly have been busy while you have been on leave. We only had two weeks and boy did it fly by. A's brother and family are arriving on Saturday from Perth for 5 days so, no doubt, our house will look like a tornado has been through it. But, we will have to get it in ship shape quick smart after they leave so that if anyone is interested in seeing it, they can, and hopefully buy it !!!!
    Enjoy these last few days and take care of yourself !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. You have been so good with your exercise, its been so hot here even in the early mornings so I have missing mine. Once this heatwave has passed I'll be back into it. :-)

    Need to get into my garden again, thought since hubby has retired he has kept on top of most of it.

  3. For some reason my feed doesn't always update when you post. Glad you've had such interesting yet productive holidays - yes it will be a bugger to go back to work on Tuesday. We're both well - had a few days in the Hunter valley at New Year - what beautiful countryside. Next on the horizon is a week in Bali with two girlfriends at the end of March. Take care Zanna xx