Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I love being on holidays!

It has been really busy lately and trying to carry on while unwell is beginning to be difficult.

Dinner out on Saturday night and  Lunch with friends on Sunday at home was lovely but my stomach has reacted badly.

On Sunday, M dug out a large patch of agapanthus to give to the people coming and they bought me cuttings of salvia, both blue and pink which are now sitting on the windowsill with Buddha waiting to grow roots.  Agapanthus appear in my garden at random and he seems to have left one so this tradition will continue.  I don't think so.  There are still a lot of roots left but M assures me they won't re grow. Don't know whether that is true so will dig out as many roots as I can.  While he was digging them out he slashed the watering system I had repaired last week so I had to cut and rejoin it.  Another trip to Bunnings is on cards for more joiners.

My wisteria is flowering at the moment.  My books are telling me to cut it back but I am loathe to when it is still flowering.  Also I will repot an orchid today. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they survive.

G took me to see part 2 of The Hobbit on Monday in gold class.  Lovely big comfy chairs with footrests. So enjoyed it.  Unfortunately I couldn't take advantage of the food and drink delivered to my seat as I wasn't well enough to eat.  Another time perhaps.

Tuesday was garden day. Walked Lucy first thing and then  after breakfast, gardening, ironing and watching tennis or cricket when it is too hot in the middle of the day and then back out in the garden when it cools down a bit.  Bliss (except for the ironing bit of course).

I ended up repotting most of the orchids. Goodness knows the last time I did this.  They were extremely rootbound and took quite a lot of effort to get out of ther pots.  Some pots had to be soaked in a bucket.  There was also a trip to the local nursery for more orchid potting mix and stakes.  I bought a pair of strap-on knee pads too because I am finding all the kneeling I am doing a bit wearing on the poor old knees.

Put in another watering system in a front garden.  Have nearly got this installation down pat and it went quite smoothly.

Tried to take a photo of this pretty spider.  I think it is a St Andrews Cross but it might be an orb weaver.  I have great trouble taking photos of things close up with my point and shoot.  I thought it would be easier but it isn't.

I went back to the nursery today to get more orchid mix and wooden stakes to hold them upright until they re-establish all the roots I had to hack off.  Fingers crossed.  I am sure the nursery people rub their hands together when they see me pull up saying oh goodey she is back.  M and I dropped in our way home from a leisurely lunch with an old work friend of his and his wife.  Very very pleasant.

Tomorrow is another gardening day after the Lucy walk and fruit and veg shopping and then Friday is  Cockatoo Island with J and M.  Just because we have never been there.

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  1. WOW - you certainly have been busy !!! I hope that you are feeling better soon.
    Take care and here's to a great weekend just around the corner.
    Me xox