Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cold roast potatoes with spicy tomato sauce....

Cold roast potatoes with spicy tomato sauce, 2 slices of pumpkin seed bread, orange slice and shortbread cream. Yesterday or more importantly from 6 pm onwards was not a good day and my stomach didn't think so either. Am still paying for these indiscretions. Enough said!

Went back to GP. She couldn't believe what had happened to me. Quite comical now. Results of monthly blood test show that I am anemic (although I was taking 2 iron tablets a day), low sodium and low protein levels. Have to eat more protein because protein reduces swelling apparently and have to get my iron levels back up somehow or I may need a blood transfusion when I eventually make the operating theatre.

Actually got into the garden for a little while yesterday. Just doing some judicious pruning. Not sure whether it is the right time to be doing it but looks tidier.

Visited the gym. Just did strength training - upper body plus some stomach crunching and stretches. I think it was the gym session you have when you aren't having a gym session - a Clayton's gym session.

More magazines hit the recycled bin. Even though I did tear out a few more pages yesterday than previously have done will go through those pages today and probably cull. I always have good intentions about these articles or recipes but in all fact life is usually too busy to revisit them and I forget about them.

Finished the Demon crossword in this month's Lovatts BIG Crossword book.

Had coffee with Jess.

Got rid of some clothes in the charity bins. Still more to take but Mark has stuffed them in a big big bag which I can hardly lift so will have to make some smaller bags.

As you can see, life is very slow and fairly relaxed at the moment. Boring to some but to me it is really bliss. I am normally so busy and so tired that I can barely function so I am enjoying this time immensely. My sister wants me to come to Queensland, my girlfriend wants me to come to the Gold Coast but I have thanked them all for their kind invitations but I am going nowhere. I am happy to be at home and since I am briefly back on my meds, even Mark has remarked on the fact that the permanently pained look has gone from my face. Mind you it will be back next week when meds stop again in preparation for surgery but I am determined to take it easy. I am not going to jeopardise another chance. Slippers or sneakers is my mantra now.

Happy days to you all.


  1. I think it's good to have life slow and relaxed and like you agree that boring is good!

    Hope the surgery goes ahead and all goes well.

    LOL at your title, amazing what we through into our bodies at times.

  2. I too have a bad stomach, Im sure I didnt eat cold roasties with spicy sauce??? lol

    Hope the surgery goes ok and all goes well.