Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just another Tuesday

Am posting late today because woke up very very late after Mark went to work. Lots of pain but found some stronger digesics which seem to have taken the edge of it.

Pain maybe coming from yesterdays Pilates but I doubt it. Dont extend myself too much at the moment and Deb watches me like a hawk to make sure I am okay. She teaches the Menezes method and I have sent away for a DVD of this type of pilates so that I can keep doing it while I hopefully am recuperating - soon.

No word yet. Still tentatively booked for 2nd May.

Talked to the person I have decided to be my personal trainer as soon as the gym lets her have that position. We get on really really well and she knows all about me and is going to work out a rehabilitation program when she is officially a PT. I was going to wait until the gym offered a special on PTs but have decided that as soon as I am able to I am going to recommence exercising. I miss it soooo much.

Gave myself a quick kick up the backside today. I have been letting things slide lately (secretly hoping that someone will pick up the slack) but got in today and vacuumed and dusted our bedroom and the guest room. Moved furniture (dont tell anyone or I could be in big trouble), pulled things out from under the bed etc. Have a huge stack of stuff to go out in council cleanup at the end of the next month. The decluttering is starting to work.

I am wasting time while tonights Biggest Loser records. I cant stand watching it in live time with all the recapping and ads. So I record it and then fast forward. I must admit that this year's bunch are quite nice. Must have been hard for the scriptwriters to drum up any "shock horrors". I suppose Tiff and Bob have been my favourites. The thing I cant stand is the tears but I suppose it must be emotional to be away from loved ones for that long.

Mark is still at work and probably wont be home for another hour or so. He works incredibly long hours either at work or at home. The joys of dealing with people on the other side of the world. He is off to Toulouse on Sunday but will hopefully be home the following Friday.

It is still raining here but not as much. Bad accident at lunchtime on the F3. Truck driver killed. Heard all the sirens, then a police car went down the street and then a helicopter was hovering overhead. Thought something was wrong but not sure what so locked the doors (usually when helicopters are that low they are looking for someone). Jess rang so I asked her what was happening as there had been nothing on the radio and she checked and rang me back with news about the accident. Thought it was cute that I had locked all the doors. I guess I will be show and tell at the station tonight.

I'm off to the nursery tomorrow to buy some more plants to replace 3 that insisted on dying.

Hope you all had a good day today.

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  1. Your surgery date is very close to Peter's! Not too long at all.

    Must get on with some decluttering here. Never ending isn't it.